Myrtle Beach

I wonder if Arkansas might end up playing the new ESPN-owned tournament in Myrtle Beach this fall. It is Nov. 15, 16 and 18 at Coastal Carolina’s home arena. I think it is called the Myrtle Beach Invitational.

From what I’ve been told, the Razorbacks were supposed to play in the Puerto Rico Tip-Off later this year, but it appears that event is going to be canceled because of all the problems on the island. At least two other teams that were supposed to play in Puerto Rico - West Virginia and Wake Forest - recently signed on to play in Myrtle Beach. Other teams that are supposed to play there are Cal State Fullerton, St. Joseph’s, UCF, Western Kentucky and Valparaiso.

I haven’t heard anything from Arkansas’ end about playing in Myrtle Beach. This is just an educated guess based on the fact Arkansas needs a tournament, Myrtle Beach needs another team and it is getting later in the scheduling process.

That would make for a good time for a road trip! Location to do other things as well!

This would be a great birthday trip for me(born Nov 15th)! Play golf in the morning, watch hoops in the afternoon! I’d be all over that kind of schedule. Y’all keep us posted on this development bc I’m serious about going. Would love to hook up w my fellow Hog fans.

Dude…Charleston to the dirty Myrtle…easy drive…I’m all over that. Please come to the Lowcountry Hogs!!!