Myron Cunningham a Hog … recruited/

Awesome!! best OL we are bringing in,now hopefully he can take over the LT spot and make a big impact! WPS!!

Good call RD and good job CCM and staff. Impressive offer sheet.

Welcome young man. :boar:. W P S u r very much needed.

I think he could take our LT spot from Jackson while playing in flip flops.

He’s an instant starter.

First good get by Fry

Very good!

IMO, most needed recruit for 2019.

Welcome aboard Iron Myron!

Good job, Coach Fry and Coach Morris. A much needed cog in the wheel known as the offensive line. If he is everything he seems to be, the O-line may be significantly better next season.

This is huge; wps. Cunningham!

For me, the issue for the Hogs is are we working on improving the program or are we working on some other agenda. Again, for me, it’s much too early to evaluate the Hog program under Morris as a failure for its 2018 results of 10 losses. (Frankly, I hang those disappointing results on the big stomach guy). This commitment continues to demonstrate to me that the program is headed in the right direction.

Hope you are not talking about Santa Claus…or me.

Yes YEs YES!!! Man we needed this and really would have dreaded losing another not to be named OL to the Sooners!!! This is a huge get…way to go CCM and Fry!!!

EXCELLENT!! WPS!! We need this guy and a couple more like him. Just sayin’.

Welcome to the Razorback family Myron!


Big get… impressive

I don’t think he was talking about Santa … :wink: :lol:

Welcome big man