Myreon Jones

Just announced we are in his final 4, along with LSU, Ole Miss, Florida. How do you think we stand, RD?

Who is he?

This must be who RD Was talking about!

RD is the Transfer Whisperer!

Penn State guard.

I think you have interest in a guy with a resume like Jones. He’s done it at a high DI program.

I watched a couple of Penn State games late in the season. Didn’t notice Jones in particular but as a team I saw they played extremely hard.

Is that your subtle way of saying we’re in a good spot? Your secret is safe with me, RD.

Not saying he’s coming but just saying it only makes sense to be interested in a guy like this. With it being out that Arkansas is in his top four, everyone including other recruits know.

RD do you think we could take both Jackson and Jones? Ohhhh boy that would be something. Jones seems more like a 2 to me.

Jones shot a very solid 39.5% from 3 this past season

Certainly addresses a need

Could Arkansas get both Jones and Jackson?

Cuz if so, Arkansas would have the best backcourt quartet next season in the SEC

no one else even close

They’re scorers and guys who could help Arkansas improve in shooting threes.

I would think you consider it but they may want to add size and replace Justin Smith’s points and rebounds. Hard call with so many options out there.

You’re right, tough call

But it gotta be tempting to take both if u can get both

My favorite is still Umude because he is physical and can play against bigs and wings. He ate up Kansas!

Oh how wonderful it is to now have a program where you can pick and choose from several who want to come!

If Arkansas coaching staff is looking for a shooter, this is the kid they need to get.

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