Myles Slusher…

In the case of Slusher who is a starter, I would think it shows other programs (power 5 at least) what type of person they would be getting by picking him up. Unless some under the table deal has been previously arranged illegally.
Also is it time to start looking into these so-called player’s managers regarding NIL.

I don’t think we are going to get a definitive word on him until Friday.

Then I’d say we have our answer. You’re either on the team or you’re not, right?

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Or could it stem from Slusher feeling like he didn’t get enough support from coaches & the program about his arrest & subsequent 1 game suspension .


A player can justify his decision however he wants. He’s either happy or unhappy and one incident doesn’t create that.

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Curious if he would be Oklahoma sooner bound should he enter the portal

FWIW, a couple of weeks ago a friend’s Hog-fan text group blew up with chatter about two primary contributors - one on offense, one on defense - were leaving. They may, of course.

But, I shared with someone who knows well one of the two. Both players laughed out loud, said they love it here, and that players hate it when fans talk crap.

Maybe Slusher leaves, maybe he is yet another case of fans gone awry.


Before Jointer & Slusher, there were rumors of max exodus of players after the season. Some coaches to.
Guess we will see.

If true isn’t this two years in a row with the secondary, major contributors leaving a position we need help the most, and with plenty of rumblings of dissension in that secondary room and finger pointing at coaches?

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Coach Pittman will look at all of this as well as Coach Odom. This new era of the transfer portal has turned college football upside down. The NIL thing has basically made it to where you can pick and choose from players across the country!

I hate to see Myles leave, if in fact he does, but I am not sure why he leaves before last game. I support him doing what he thinks best for him, but if you walk before the last game (not talking about bowl games to prepare for the draft), are you raising questions about your commitment?
Since I don’t know if Myles is leaving and don’t know his or anyone’s reason for similar decisions, just think that,on the surface, it is not a good look to me.

One would think, but that’s not the prevailing thought apparently

Lots of people in these guys ears. Family, friends and hanger on types. Sometimes advice is not good advice. It’s life now a days.

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Amazing that so few are reminding that the team was released to return home for Thanksgiving, as long as they can return to campus today in time to leave with the team. Slusher being in Tulsa is WHERE HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN in other words.

Maybe he is gone anyway. But this should probably not be the freak-out moment some are making it. He had a reason to be there…let’s see if he gets on the plane.


For what it’s worth, Slusher posted a photo to his Instagram story a little while ago that said he was in Tulsa.

Maybe he’s pulling a Jimmy Sexton for a sweeter NIL deal

Looks like he’s indeed bounced as the youngsters like to say.

I would not expect OU would put up with him. But, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Slusher is still on the official Razorback roster. Lowery is not.

I find it odd that Slusher’s name is associated with this for at least one reason - his family is a part of the family gathering at ballgames that was written about today. That was a cool article. Hard to see disgruntled parents being a part of that - although if your kid gets jacked around by Fayetteville PD that might weigh on your mind.