Myles Slusher…

Why are so many wanting to leave??

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Are we not paying enough? I hear of some really big money being thrown around by some programs.
are we competitive?

I’m thinking that is a big part of it probably.and that has got to change if so.

Safeties keep leaving. That’s the position Odom coaches.

Hopefully we support all Hogs starters, or otherwise, so don’t take this comment as negative on any of the kids, but if a kid sees better opportunities elsewhere, I wish them good luck. Some of these who transfer see that their opportunities to play are either limited or at least their patience is. Either way, with the new recruiting format allowing more than 25 annually if the total on campus is less than 85, then we have the opportunity for addition through subtraction. Good luck and thanks for being a Razorback, Myles.

Am I doing this right?


Continuing the discussion from James Jointer is another quitter:

@marcm - need a ruling here. If Slusher is a no show today is he a quitter or not? Maybe Myles needs to post a sincere twitter message on why he decided to not suit up for the Hogs (if he does indeed no show)

2009 that was very touching. Did you start some meds? JK


I’m all for kids leaving for the portal but there is a time and and place for that…you sure as heck don’t leave your team before the last game!! Very poor decision on his/ their part looks real bad on him/ them.


Seems to me there should be some type of reciprocity in the NIL situation. If you are receiving compensation there should be conditions in the contract which require you to complete the season. I know they are technically not being “paid to play”. But the entities paying the money should have the expectation that the player will provide their representation through the completion of the season. Maybe this is already the case, I don’t know. If a player leaves early, and has an NIL deal, he/she should return a portion.

it has to have something to do with the arrest and 1 game suspension, probably thinks he is justified becuase no one backed him after the suspension. One of those unforunate things, when you are a player you have to walk a tight rope, a very minor offense can lead to major issues.

Absolutely chaos since the transfer portal and NIL money, I’m in no way against either but there has to be some better guidelines and accountability. It’s a team sport but is rapidly becoming a ME ME ME, not sure what can be done but things are rolling down hill in the wrong direction. WPS

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Don’t know Slusher’s reasons for wanting to leave, but I guess I am a Pollyanna in situations like this, thinking if a player or player(s) are not happy, maybe a transfer is a win/win. If it is about NIL money, there will always be somebody out there with more, so if it is more about maximizing money than being on the team, then do your thing. If it is about environment, then that gets more complicated and potentially more dangerous. If it is a player not fitting in and wanting to leave, I wish him luck. However, if it bigger than a player or few players, then we have problem. I think (Hope) Sam and our staff are building a strong culture, one that competitive players thrive in, but this is an outsider’s view.


Agree…he does not rate a big NIL deal somewhere else I wouldn’t think…especially given his recent arrest, whether or not it was justified, which might give pause to some programs

Once again, just because he was having Thanksgiving dinner in Tulsa with his family does not mean he’s not in COMO today. So that proves nothing. We’ll see in a few hours if he’s out there.


He’s still listed on the roster. Lowery is not. If that means anything.

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I’m not about to condemn Slusher for something so speculative as this rumor. We’ll know soon enough

FWIW, Slusher’s Twitter profile still says DB @ UnivofArk. And he’s almost nonexistent on IG. Other platforms? :man_shrugging:

I’m looking deep… to understand why I don’t really care.


Reported on 103.7 that Slusher is not with the team in Columbia and is entering the portal.

Unbelievable!!! Think of your teammates. Leave after the last game at least.