Myles Slusher…

Lots of chatter on other boards he’s left the team and portal bound.

Insiders heard anything?

If so, I’d say way to show character and leave before the last game….

We really need a lot of new in that secondary room… not all new, but a lot….

If he indeed has done that, what a freaking load of crap he is to leave your team right before a big rivalry game. Unbelievable!

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Word is Slusher and another “ contributor “ in the secondary have left the team as of this morning.

Monday will be wild.

Buckle up….Portalpalooza is almost here!

Why in the world would you leave before the last game???I have never heard of that!!!

Not been a good week since St John was arrested Tuesday night for theft of someone’s phone and sending himself $800 . These kids nowadays, my gosh, I’m glad I’m not coaching anymore.

Because it was always about “them” more then “us”,…

I I know that but I have never heard of a starter doing that before his last game!!! Especially a rivalry game!

If true is he a quitter or nah? Just wondering

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I see it as similar to kids that sit out of bowl games. If you decide you are transferring then you opt out so you don’t potentially get hurt seriously before portal palooza begins next Monday.

Not saying I like it, but trying to explain what I think the thought process is.

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Well, you wanted the portal and now you have it… welcome to the new semi-pros…

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It giveth ( Drew Sanders, Landers, etc.) and taketh away ( Foucha, Slusher, etc.).

Anybody trying to prognosticate about the 2023 season is jumping the gun big time.

LOTS of changes are coming.

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True, but jumping during the season isn’t what was planned. There has to be rules, or at least should be. But I guess anyone can do whatever they want these days apparently. Sad.

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If true, unbelievable!! No consideration for your current teammates at all.

I think I’ll wait until or unless something official is stated.

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Do they have greener pastures already in place?

On the thread on hogville a poster is saying this started on a Razorback subReddit. That Slusher is home for Thanksgiving and won’t be in Columbia…take that for what ever it is worth.

Hogville is known to spout out all kind of crazy crap… guess we’ll find out Friday

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They can’t actually enter the portal until Monday. But they could sure bail early, if this is true. With Hogville…

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Well it may not be such a huge loss because I really don’t think Missouri has a high-powered pass game but it’s a principle of the thing that is pathetically bad if true