Myles Slusher update

looks like you’re going to be right 4-20 kicking our butt

Nebraska has not been very good.

Same story different day. Maybe we will atleast get the Lineman that came that weekend, but I’m questioning that too.

Multiple crystal balls for Slusher in the last hour or so to Nebraska.

That will change in February with Henderson and Scott both of whom will play sooner than later

I will not be giving the new staff much blame for those they couldn’t turn today, but, will be giving them credit for the ones they do.

However, it does seem like Eli dropped the ball with Dominique Johnson per a tweet reportedly from someone in his family.

Who’s Eli?

Eli Drinkwitz, Mizzou head coach.

Pretty much almost impossible 2 win over a kid in 10 days when others had been recruiting for a year or better especially when you’re coming off4-20 I applaud any recruit that wants to try to step into this total rebuild

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Thanks. I need to read a little slower this morning. I had Donovan Johnson on my mind, not Dominique Johnson, and couldn’t figure out how someone named Eli had messed that up for us. I was about to be mad at some new coach on our staff named Eli that cost us “Donovan” Johnson.

This thread is an example of just how much patience people don’t have!

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Or Sam picked up a few important tips from Kirby in his time on Georgia , haha

I didn’t think you could possibly drag your credibility any lower.

I was wrong.


You may crawl back under your bridge now.

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Slusher flips to the Hawgs! WPS!

Told ya so

Yes Sir!!!

Maybe that means London is ready to send in that $10k he was talking about if LK didn’t come to Arkansas.


Back under the bridge