Myles Slusher update

I was told he was struggling with his decision between Arkansas and Nebraska and would just go with his gut this morning

Well, we know how this plays out. Oh well

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$$$$$$ …cha ching.

In the past the signing day gut decisions seldom go our way. We’ll see if that changes under CSP. Plus you have the draw of playing with his good friend Morrison at Nebraska.

Makes Donovan Johnson even more important.

They went our way a lot with CCM. We rarely lost kids at the end. I just hope CSP can close as well as CCM.

Well, I see us having the advantage here. If his friend is going to Nebraska then that probably plays a part in his decision. If he’s not leaning one way, then that means he likes Arkansas more.

I don’t feel you can compare recruiting prowess until next years class.
CCM only had one full year of recruiting, CSP has only had a couple of weeks.
Next year will tell us much more about his ability to recruit moving forward.

Go Hogs!

Mountainhawg, like your psychoanalysis of that

Interesting character assessment without any facts to back it up.

Not sure why you would go after Myles like that.


Dudley clearly if a kid chooses school X over my school of choice he has been bought, school x cheated somehow etc.

By the way, per his Twitter, he’s signing at 2 pm in the Broken Arrow indoor facility.

What’s this? Team perhaps paying for players? Rubbish!!! Surely players go to Universities for the education, culture and atmosphere of college life. And let’s not forget major metropolitan life of such exciting cities like Oxford, Starkville, Auburn, College Station, Columbia, Tuscaloosa, and sin city itself Nashville!

Perhaps today is a good day to remind everyone that board rules do not allow bashing recruits. Until he signs with someone else at 2 pm, Myles Slusher is still a recruit.


I think he will be a hog 2 hours away from homes a lot easier for Mom to get there.

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Oh, it happens and has happened to recruits that Arkansas was after and some they have got.

But I just don’t think we should accuse a prospect of that without any evidence.


Might as well stay positive. I’m saying he’s a Hog!

I hope so. I just don’t like our chances with 50/50 guys, ever.

Murphy’s law- he was definitely a hog fan

Im starting to hear Myles to Nebraska

He recently retweeted a tweet from Nebraska football about another player that they signed, which may or may not mean anything.

Kid flips to us, smart kid! Kid flips away from us, Liar! :sunglasses:

Their just kids.