Myles Slusher to Louisville

A picture is worth a thousand words…

WHAT??? You mean people are actually buying players!!! Someone call the NCAA……Oh wait


I know full well what’s going on, but somehow, I still felt the need for a shower after seeing that picture.
Maybe it’s just me.


I’m with you, Jeremy. Good riddance…


Was paid from a…… Slush fund.


Not even a lateral move team-wise, so presumptively Louisville had a nice NIL deal for him.

Would have been glad to have him in the mix for next year but it’s difficult to believe that we can’t get replacement level talent-at least-in the portal.

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Dang Jeremy, if you could have found me a 79 Ford Pinto I’d have bought it from you and given it to him. Oh well…another $200 saved.


Perhaps chalk this one up to Fayetteville PD. At least not going to another SEC team.


It’s disgusting that they are basically advertising that they are open for business. I understand the reasoning, but I really don’t like what college athletics are becoming. Maybe up the monthly payments to athletes, but hold earning in interest bearing accounts until eligibility, graduation, or amateur status have been completed. The spirit of college athletics is gone, and it is due to greed on all sides.


I was saddened that Slusher engaged the portal; I liked his play. But, it makes me wonder, how much would our fortunes have changed if KJ didn’t fumble his TD attempt versus A&M? Even a FG was a 10 point swing.

Just like Sam said,we want players who want to be here! he didn’t so bye bye!! Next…


I mentioned the “new business model” in another thread: Slusher, as a starter for the Hogs, had an NIL deal and next year he didn’t expect a significant pay raise from Coach Pittman. So …

As a business decision, he decided to transfer to highest offer Louisville, with a car, huge bonus and even greater base salary. Smart move.

Football players are now mirroring the business world where you can’t expect a 7% raise in your second year so you transfer to a competing business for a 15% raise. Happens every day in this new world.

Many Razorback players and business people reject higher offers and stay put out of loyalty and love of their current job/team. My experience dealing with all major food retailers gave me several opportunities to move for much more money. Headhunters called me for various opportunities. But I was very happy, paid well and loved the people that owned the company.

So kudos to the big majority that stay true to the Razorbacks. And welcome to those that portal over. Both are part of life now.


It’s a new world for many but it’s also business as usual for some programs, if you give a kid a car to switch schools he will probably be looking for a upgrade next year if he has a good a year. WPS

I think that’s a very good possibility.

actually the smart move for a football player is to invest in his future. Does Louisville football help him do that or just put money in his pocket now. If he intends to retire from football after next year, then no doubt, this was the best business move for him. If he wants a future of making money playing football, who knows if this new car and pay raise will help with that.

My Christmas present is a Sonic ice machine. I will not have anything slush-y in it. Promise.



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