Myles Rowser update

his mother said he plans to sign with Arkansas in February.


Richard do you think he is Solid with us??seems like I heard might be some things happening with him so good to see Mom say that

Hate to be pessimistic here but my takeaway - 1) he dd not speak to RD directly, 2) I believe that he intended to sign early?
Not good tea leaves

Myles isn’t a talker.

Just let it play out.

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Did he intend to sign early? Any thoughts on Norwood and Hogs?

As of now, nothing on Norwood.

Thanks for update RD….let’s see how it plays out between now and then as you indicated.

Thanks Richard!

This will be a busy week for you. Thank you for all you do!!!

Someone see if Myles still has the profile above He did yesterday Today he blocked me I don’t tweet football recruits so ….

Still has same profile and pinned post.

Sure hope he remains a Razorback. We have had some mighty famous safeties that had great careers in the NFL.

:hushed: what did you do to get blocked?

Makes you wonder if Catalon returning is causing him to rethink his commitment.

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I haven’t thought of that but that could very well have something to do with it,you would think he would want to come in and learn from him but these kids nowadays don’t think like that… they think they can come in and start right away very very few can do that especially at DB

No clue why he or anyone would block me. I have one account and follow 14 physics professors… I’m a physics nerd. My interests are math, physics, astronomy, all Razorback sports, mountain biking, hiking, and camping.

I follow the Novavax coronavirus vaccine trial on Twitter because I’m a participant in the trial. I share info on my experience to date with others in the US and UK trials. Not something a football player or anyone else (except family) would care much about

That’s it.

Most people would never know that some of the most humorous, practical jokers and fun-loving people teaching in college are sequestered in the physics department. Merry Christmas to you and all Hog Fans.

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