Myles Brooks

Seen where he posted he will have a big announcement tonight. Cant see this being good news for Arkansas. Have any insight on this RD/DD?

Seeing how Arkansas has moved away from him weeks ago, it isn’t a “bad” thing for Arkansas.

I agree. I should have worded the OP differently.

as of last Friday, Dudley had him on his list. When did we back off…what changed?

When we didn’t go by to see him in December. He’s still on everyone’s list, because the school isn’t going/can’t say anything, so until the player does, nothing is done.

It’s not what everyone is thinking.

So, you’re saying he saved money on GEICO? Well, I haven’t heard any of the “gurus” saying there is much contact between the parties. I guess he’ll soon enlighten us.

Yeah, it’s 100% opposite of what I was thinking. How do you think it effects the final slots?

We’ll see. Depends on who else wants to come.

Myles is locked in as a Hog and will sign on Feb. 6.

I was thinking Myles would announce his plans for a signing ceremony. That’s why I said what I did above.

You have to admit the lack of “chatter” involving him with our staff has been, for lack of a better word, peculiar?? I hope it has nothing to do with Catalon, or their thinking. Of course, we’re suppose to know that destination on the 19th. Any update on Walker?

Sometimes no news is good news. They’ve been engaged with Myles just didn’t know how it would work out.

Can’t say with 100% certainty, but I’m feeling good about Dante being a Hog.

Richard which players do you think fill the remaining spots left in this recruiting class?

So what was the announcement?