My word it is painful watching Taco pitch

He just loses it so quickly.

And now we are going to pitch Cronin who is very raw.

Taccolini hasn’t looked the same since his blood clot and rib removal a couple of years ago. He’s gained some weight and his endurance isn’t what it was.

He is starting because there just aren’t a lot of options with the injuries to Campbell and McKinney. Ideally, Taccolini would be a set-up man or a closer. He’ll walk some, but he’s good about getting groundballs to erase some of those, just like he did it in the first.

I like Cronin’s upside. He hasn’t pitched a lot this year, but he has typically been pretty good when he does. He gets a lot of strikeouts for someone who doesn’t throw real hard.

I was looking over an opponents massage board earlier this year when Tac was pitching. One guy said, “Good Lord. The Arkansas pitcher is a 40 year old air conditioner repairman.”

Got to admit that I laughed.

And then Cronin punches out the side, including their best hitter. Ya just never know.

94 mph. That’s throwing pretty hard Matt.

Yeah, I noted that in the live blog for this game. The highest I’d seen from Matt before that pitch was 92, and usually 88-90. His arm is fresh, which could explain that kind of jump late in the year.