My wife

Just a quick note to thank everyone, EVERYONE, that has showed me such tremendous support for my wife and her new cancer journey.

We are headed to the Mayo clinic Tuesday for a 3rd opinion. This is what we know: it is a contained cancer. No metasasis. Its a small tumor. Slow growing. All great news.

But, it is a tumor that is located in a place difficult to surgically remove (I’d prefer not to go into that detail on the message board…feel free to message me). So, we are exploring treatment options. MD Anderson is great…and they have made their suggestions, and they supported my idea to head to Mayo or Sloan Kettering for another opinion. We have time, and they said “let’s leave no medical stone unturned.”

So, we fly to frigid Rochester Tuesday. Prayers, as always, are appreciated.

Sometimes it nice to know who you are praying for…so here you go. Thanks so much!


Yes sir lifting you guys up in prayer and adding your name to our church’s prayer list, Mayo is a great place! WPS

Prayers and blessings. I have two friends that were in Mayo recently. A great place…obviously. Please keep us updated.

Coming your way

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Prayers for you both.

Praying for you and your family Brother!! God bless!

Praying for you and your wife!!

Yes, prayers for you and your wife. Please see my PM to you.


I just listened to most of all the pieces. What a blessing
you and your wife are to us all.
You and she will be in our prayers.

The journey is long but He is always with us and will comfort you both. You and Mary are in my prayers and I believe He hears the ones being lifted.

:pray: :pray:

God Bless and Prayers


Sending up prayers for your wife and you …

God bless you and your wife and I will pray for you!

Prayers abound. Family health is much more important than any sport. Keep us updated!

Hogmaestro…I sat at my counter top in my bar stool with a Tito’s and blackberry bubly soda by myself a short time ago while my family was asleep and watched the video: from the low country to the old country and just melted into my seat. The music moved me (have always loved that style of music) and so has the many prayers that have gone out for your wife and family and continue to do so. So, as I sit here in my bar stool, I lift up my glass to you and your wife sir and pray that God watches over her and helps her through this fight with cancer. I pray she wins the battle sir! Thank you for the beautiful music and the lessons you teach with it and the joy to others that hear it! God bless you and your wife!

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sending prayers

More prayers

prayers for both your wife and you.