My wife Mary

Hi everyone. I haven’t posted about my wonderful wife in awhile. So many of you wrote to me, and openly prayed for and rooted for her journey, I’d like to update you.

First, she is doing great. I’ll post one of her recent performances in the next day or two. As most of you remember, her huge surgery—a pelvic exenteration—was a major success 2 summers ago. However they have been tracking this super slow growing nodule in her lung for a year. They still don’t suspect it’s cancer, but they (the Mayo Clinic in MN) have decided they are concerned enough to do a small lung resection and remove the little nodule. Then we will know. And if it was cancer, they will have removed it. It’s a tiny lesion. About 8mm. Growing at the pace of a snail.

Surgery is Today. At 11am central.

Please pray for my Mary. She’s the greatest person I’ve ever known, and has been through so very much.

And docs out there, please refrain saying anything that contains percentages or anything that could even remotely be taken negatively. I firmly believe our job is to trust God, get ourselves to the very best docs, and then be positive. Positive. Positive.

Anyhow. Prayers are requested.


Done… Whew, mercy mercy…

Prayers are on the way!

Praying my friend! God has got this!

Prayers for Mary. Also prayers for you, your family and the medical professionals that work on her.

Praying for Mary!

You got this, Robbie. And I don’t know any percentages anyway…


Sent up prayers for your wife

Prayers for Mary–and for the Hope Lodge there at the Clinic!

Absolutely. Praying for Mary

Prayers lifted.

Praying for good news and continued recovery. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your wonderful attitude. God bless you and yours.

Done. God bless her and you as well.

God Bless you and Mary, Robbie.

:pray: :pray:

… for you both.

Prayers for you both. Please keep us updated.

Happy to add prayers for your precious wife. May the Lord’s peace be with both of you

Sincere prayers for successful surgery and complete recovery. God Bless.

Prayers are going up