My wife just asked me and I don't remember, what is the financial situation for Heston & Casey?

I mean how much of their slot value do they get immediately when they sign, how long is their contract, is it guaranteed or can it be cancelled if they are injured or don’t pan out. What is their deal in the Covid-19 world of today?

$100,000 bonus after signing, half of the remainder in summer 2021, the rest in summer 2022. That part is guaranteed. Minor league stipends are ridiculous, sub minimum wage really, but the deals last seven years or until they’re put on the MLB roster. Most teams are paying their minor leaguers this summer, Oakland being the main exception and some teams haven’t announced yet.

In a normal year they would receive their signing bonus up front. Because of covid-19, the bonus structure looks a lot different this year.

If Kjerstad signs for $5.1 million, he’ll receive $100,000 now and $2.5 million payments (subject to taxes) in July 2021 and July 2022.

How about Casey?

Martin’s slot value is a little under $700,000 but we’re guessing he’s signing for more than that. Let’s say it’s $1 million. $100k at signing, $450k next year, $450k in 2022.

With the peanuts they’re paid in the minors, I’m not sure this isn’t a better setup for the players. Spread the bonus out over three years.

To further explain, all those drafted will get an initial payment of 100K. They will then receive 50% of the remaining signing bonus in 2021, and the rest in 2022.

This, might be something they adopt for the future.

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