My wife is watching TV in another room

Apparently I am not pleasant to be around right now.

Could have been worse. We could have lost to Jonesboro Tech.

You can bet they’re enjoying the hell out of this.

Horrible loss any way you look at it.

It did however bring back some good memories of my son-in-law wearing the UALR uniform. He recieved an offer to play there after a couple of years at Chattanooga State here. So he and my daughter married and moved to Bryant and got a great education at UALR.

He is now a die hard Hog fan and my three grands of his are the same.

But that was the only positive I can think of from that mess.

I think the manner in which Arkansas responds will determine how bad the loss really was. In the grand scheme, it was only one game, and if you look around the country there were a lot of ranked teams losing to mid- and low-major teams last night. It’s magnified in the state because it was the first game against an in-state team and because of the way the Ole Miss series ended.

I’ve watched Dave Van Horn get after the players during and after the past two games. Maybe the Ole Miss series loss doesn’t get their attention because Ole Miss is ranked and a good team. Losing to UALR has to get their attention and make every player look in the mirror for some self assessment. Yes, the bullpen is short, but that’s not the only thing going wrong with this team. Good players are taking bad approaches at the plate, including in run-scoring situations, fielders are not playing smart defensively, there are base running mistakes, etc. Last night was kind of a perfect encapsulation of all that.

How does the team respond at Auburn? It can respond well without winning the series. Are the games tight? Are the at-bats good? Are pitchers making the other team earn their hits or are they giving them free passes?

Sometimes losses like the one last night can be good for a team. I can remember the 2015 team scuffling, especially on the mound, through some midweek games to lesser teams, but it made the team better for the stretch run.

Good analysis, Matt. Hope this team responds the way the 2015 team did.

This is exactly the kind of thing that Frank feared and why he never allowed playing an in-state team. Whoever in the Athletic Department that thought this was a good idea should be canned. ASU is licking their chops to figure out how to force us into a game and this doesn’t help.

No doubt they’ll use this to try to force the issue. I hope HY hasn’t opened a can of worms with this. It doesn’t bother me too much in baseball, softball, tennis, but we don’t need it in basketball & certainly not football. I have no doubt UALR was more focused than we were last night.

You want to fire Dave Van Horn?

I certainly don’t & I doubt LRhawg does, either. However, I wish HY understood & appreciated what Barnhill & Broyles knew. DVH is properly focused on his own sport. HY needs to see the bigger picture. As I’ve said, I can live with the policy in the minor sports & baseball. Doesn’t need to happen in football & basketball.

NeastArkie is correct, imo.

Great questions and insights Matt. What I should have said is that we played horrible. Which was obvious. I’m certain that this got their attention.