My wife and I sat in section 135 last night

We were row 1 section 135 right behind the student section. The students stood the entire game like they should. They were great the whole game.

Sitting right behind them meant that we would have to stand up the entire game which I had no problem with. My wife wasn’t feeling all that well so she didn’t stand as much as I did. About 5 minutes in to the game someone behind us started yelling “sit down” when the crowd noise got low.

I wasn’t in the mood to get in to with anyone so I never turned around. My wife turned around after about the third time but of course nobody would say anything once she looked for them.

Why in the world would you come to a game and yell at people to sit down? Keep your sour tail at home and watch on tv. I can call 20 people right now that would buy your tickets and stand the whole game. The team doesn’t need you sitting on your hands the entire game and crying about people that are willing to cheer their ass off!


I am in the upper deck. A few games ago there was a lady about 3 rows down who pretty much stood up the whole game. She was a hoot to watch. She danced with every song, jumped up and down the whole night, etc. Yes, I had to lean to the side to see what was going on at times. SO WHAT! It is a basketball game!

My father in law, who I take to most games, grumbled about her all game but didn’t say anything that could be heard (thank goodness).

Two ladies who were sitting beside us sighed very loudly and moved over to some empty seats in the next section.

I am all for people standing if they want to! If I can’t see, I can stand.


I was asked to sit down once at the ladies game by an older gentlemen. He didn’t sit directly behind me but I was in his line of site. I stood up to cheer on the ladies during the first half they were on the visitor end (I was behind the home bench). I was respectful and remained seated the remainder of the game - a real damper…

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Years ago I sat behind Joe Klein at a football game at WMS. He never stood up and I still could see. Fortunately we both had end seats and I just moved over and sat on the steps next to him. Nice guy.:slightly_smiling_face:

I am sorry but I guess I am of a different opinion. One doesn’t have to be standing continuously to show enthusiasm/support for the team.

What about when your behind the student section and have to stand to see???

Why come to the game if your going to complain about others that stand? Ever watch a Duke game? Nobody sits…maybe that’s why it’s so hard to win there….go figure.

There’s a reason our student section have made the same sign for years….it reads “OLD PEOPLE CHEER NOW”!

Watch the replay of the game when Mississippi State is shooting free throws where half of the section behind the goal is our students. The students stand up going crazy trying to make them miss. The section with no students just sit there…sad


I agree with this thread wholeheartedly. If you go to a game, be prepared to be a part of the outcome by cheering, standing, getting loud, etc. If you just want to watch and be a spectator, stay at home. We’ve got people who were never a part of Barnhill (jeez that was a bit ago) or the early days of BWA when all we did was stand and get rowdy.


I stand quite a bit at football and basketball games that I attend and I’m used to hearing “sit down” from behind. I mostly ignore it, but try to accommodate when the action slows.

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I stand most of the game at home!!! I’m yelling at the refs and move to where I am about a foot from the screen. Just get to into it too sit.


I’ve mentioned about attending a soccer match in Germany where I was told not to stand up in no uncertain terms (yes, in English). I’ve since learned that it’s a law over there. There are certain sections where you can stand (and have to, because there are no seats at all), but if there’s a seat, you sit. In England, conversely, those all-standing sections are banned for safety reasons, but you can get on your feet.

That’s the same soccer match where, waiting for the bus back into the Mainz city center, I saw a young guy wearing a Razorback T-shirt. Then I returned by train to my hotel in neighboring Frankfurt to await texted updates from my son on the 4-OT win over Auburn.

None of which has anything to do with the bluehairs sitting on their hands at BWA.


@razorblack Yesterday I was attending one of my grandson’s AAU basketball game. His coach had a parent meeting after the game. What a great guy and a terrific coach. I have two grandson’s playing AAU ball and my great niece finished her AAU career this summer. She has 32 D1 offers and will sign with a great school in April. Her AAU coaches were Kareem Reid and Caleb Livingston both wonderful coaches and men. All of the coaches these kids have take huge amounts of time to help these kids. It’s obviously a labor of love because they sure are not making big bucks doing it. Yesterday I thought of @razorblack and the many hours he invested in kids coaching AAU ball. Thanks, it means a lot to the families of those kids.


Thank you so much LD! There is so much involved in coaching summer ball that people don’t see. Every time we come to Northwest Arkansas memories come flooding back about my boys. We played so many tournaments up there through the years.

We were 7th grade and playing in Springdale one summer. We had a bad habit of playing down to our competition. Our first game in pool play we lost to a team that wasn’t very good. The next game we beat a very good team that I thought we would lose to. We get back to the hotel and the kids want to practice on our 1-3-1 trap, these were 7th grade boys. We get a ball and went out to the parking lot behind the hotel and practiced it for an hour. I remember that kind of stuff more than I do the wins and losses.

Working in the car business there is not a lot of retirement benefits. So I have my own IRA account that I try to build up. From 2008-2014 I took out around 20k of my IRA to support our team. I paid tax penalties on it but to be honest I would do it all over again. To see the face of a child that has never been on an airplane before is priceless.

I got the jersey below for Christmas from Keljin Blevins who played for me from 6th grade to 12th grade. He’s now on the Portland Trailblazers and that alone made everything worth it.


R4L stands for “Rocket for Life”. Almost every time a previous player of mine text me it ends in R4L. I love my guys!

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RB, you are absolutely right on this. I think I’d turn around with a big smile and yell, on your feet !!!

I’m in the upper deck, about halfway up, mid court, sometimes folks in front of me will stand up and and cheer, i have zero problem with that. I’ll just stand and cheer behind them. . . I won’t stay standing or be the first guy up because I am tall and I have kids behind me that will never be able to see over the top or around.

My single complaint is people coming in and leaving when the game clock is running. Stand out of the way till the game clock stops before you go in or out. You are interrupting the game for the folks that have to get out of your way to get in your seats, many of them will come in 5 minutes after the game starts and stand there trying to figure out where they are sitting.

My son, is a student, got to the game an hour early and the lower student section was completely full, he had to sit in the upper deck. Thursday will be completely full, I would encourage you if you can’t use your tickets, get them to the musstix, there are students that would love to be in the game.


KJ I was high fiving all the students after the game and telling them what a good job they did. I wish we would surround the entire lower level for students.

The students are worth 3-5 points every game.


I certainly applaud your enthusiasm and hope everyone takes a page out of your book on Tuesday, as we will need all the help the crowd can bring.

But I’m kind of curious as to why you had to stand the whole time to see over the students? And how close were you to be able to see if you didn’t stand?

Not questioning that you did, it’s just that I knew that they purposely designed the student seating to be lower to specifically avoid that situation.

I’ve never sat in that section, so again, was just curious. Obviously something didn’t work right the other night. Maybe students were standing on benches instead of in the aisles? Or maybe the back row was all offensive lineman! Lol. Or perhaps they just miscalculated in the design.

I’m like you in that I will gladly stand the whole time if everyone else in front of me is also. You likely just encountered some regulars in that section that weren’t accustomed to having to do so.

We were on row 1 section 135 right behind the students. If I didn’t stand I could not see anything but the tops of the players head.

I’m 54 years old and have no problems standing the entire game. If I choose to sit down the last thing I’m going to do is yell at someone to sit down.


Agreed. Again, I was just curious since I hadn’t sat in that section before. Obviously, it was a flawed design it sounds like if all you could see was the tops of the players head when seated

I don’t think its a flawed design, I just think the students should always stand and whoever is behind them should get over it. I loved every minute of it though…lol


Here’s the student seating map at Michigan State. Students (green sections) on the floor for the most part.

And here’s what their whiteout looks like:

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