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Before the season I predicted 8-4with losses being Bama,Ga,Aub,A&M
What I know now is Ga is tough but Clemson and Vandy aren’t great wins.Auburn is a win now in a revenge game A&M is history Bama will be tough.My prediction has changed to 10-2 I’m forever a sunshine pumper


No objection from me. I’m just glad we are playing winning football. The wins don’t so much matter. It’s the new vibe. We recruit, develop and play like winners and there is an emphasis on playing in a manner (with toughness) that creates wins. That’s all I’ve ever really wanted. I’m really happy.


From your fingers to God’s ears! I do believe it is possible. To be a little more comfortable about it though, I need to see a road win in the next 2 weeks. Hopefully this Saturday. :crossed_fingers:

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keep pumpin baby!!

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If they keep the same players on the field, this team will win a lot of games.


This team is tough. The coaches have the players ready to play tough. And that toughness has led to wins. Keep up the good work.

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Our hogs will leave it all out on the field and play tuff! It will be a battle on every snap and they will play from the open kickoff until the clock reads all zeroes!
The added depth and the taste of winning is contagious! They believe they can beat anybody!
Anything about 6 wins this season is a success. They should beat Auburn, Miss St, LSU and Missouri.
The Georgia and Bama game are tough steep hills to climb! Ole Miss is at their place so there will be some adversity to deal with. If the hogs can slow down Ole Miss on offense and keep our offensive moving the chains that’s the key to beat the Rebels.
9-3 seems real possible.

While I think this could happen, I’m down with 9-3…going 5-3 the rest of the way. Too many good teams on the road. Still, 9-3 is two games north of what I expected before the season began.

Me too. I thought 8 if they beat Texas. Not 9 or 10.

We run the table and beat GA for the SEC title. The Hogs make the playoffs.


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