My two cents or so...

RD, happy to see the mention on A.J. Carter, the running back at Many, La. AJ said he thinks he is the best running back in Louisiana. I dang sure would not argue with him. In my opinion he is a perfect fit for BB’s system. Oh, down at Many they make world class hot tamales, too. Just absolutely fantastic.

He definitely sees himself and Arkansas as a good fit.

I could do some damage to some tamales. Hotter the better.

Where do you live BJH?

Live in Waskom, TX., the gateway to Texas.

Ok, where is that?

Waskom is on the border with Louisiana. I live 1.6 miles from the La. border, 21.5 miles from downtown Shreveport, La., 18 miles east of Marshall, TX, 44 miles east of Longview,Tx. on the I-20 corridor.

That definitely narrows that down. LOL. Where you originally from?

Birth certificate says Gurdon, Ark. That’s not exactly correct, but close. When I was born on Good Friday, April 15, 1938, my family lived in the South Fork community in.Clark County. The doctor in Gurdon came out to deliver me and wrote down Gurdon as the place of birth. I’ve been messed up ever since. Gurdon will have to claim me officially, but otherwise I am just another of those good old Clark County boys. The last few places I have lived: Waskom, TX., Shreveport, La., Stonewall, La., Shreveport, Corpus Christi, TX., in and around Orlando, Fla., Little Rock, Arkadelphia and my favorites Kelso and Rohwer, Ark. I am from all of those places and a few others too small to name.

Beejay, I lived in Shreveport, Minden and Keithville in the '90s and early '00s. Attended church in Stonewall. What time did you live in Stonewall?

In Stonewall from 80 to 99.

You left just before I moved to Keithville (2003).

I’m originally from Rohwer. Been in Mountain Home for 27 years now. Still have family down there.

World, do you know any of the Howells, Wargos, Greers, Robertses who live or lived on or in the The Levee?