My thoughts

Hogs are 5-3 at the bye. That is pretty much where I thought we would be … maybe one game better. We are staring at 4 very winnable games to close out the season. I think this team and staff will see this loss as a gut check, make necessary changes and come out in two weeks rested and fired up to beat a pretty good Florida team. Next, we get an LSU team that will be stomped into submission by Bama. I like our chances there. Hogs should absolutely win the last two. I see 9-3, 8-4 at worst … and I will take that.

For those that don’t know me … I am NOT a homer. I was a strong BP defender, and still think we should have found a way. But, I’m a lifelong Hog fan and am onboard with what we have. Anybody want to discuss why I’m wrong or right?

I actually think you are right. 4 VERY winnable games upcoming. 9-3 is a possibility, 8-4 is likely. I think frustration comes from the way we are losing, not that we are losing. We are losing because of the worst defense in the conference and arguably the worst OL in the conference. Fans were told that these were staples of a CBB coached team. That has not been the case. Again, 9-3 is very achievable and if that were to happen, it would be difficult to paint this season as anything but a huge success and a step forward.

Good post.

The highlighted above is the source of my frustration.

I agree with the above posts. We can win probably 3 of the remaining games. We will have to score 40+ points each game and keep the ball for 45+ minutes. That is the only winning formula we have. We have to keep the defense off the field. That means the offense has to play flawlessly in each game (no turnovers and rush for 150+).

Our defense does not compete at all. They will not fight to get off a block to make a tackle (75 yards on the 1st play untouched with 2 defenders in a position to make a play; no pursuit from the other 9; his congratulating teammates beat our defense to the endzone). I don’t think they know what defense they are suppose to be in half the time. I watch a lot of football, I have very, very seldom seen offense score so easily on any level (HS. JrHS, Pop Warner). I will take UCA defense with less D1 players and they will perform better than Arkansas defense. We may not have the talent of LSU or Alabama, but this display of lets hurry up and let them score defense is unacceptable. Alcorn was mismatched against us, but they competed.

I 'm not as good a poster as others. I don’t keep stats or try to back up every statement with justification. I hope I’m way off base here and I don’t see what I think I see (543 yards rushing). Wow.