My thoughts on the new donation policy

I wish I could but a 900% increase is beyond ridiculous! JFB would have never done this but HY doesn’t care about loyalty of fans or he would have never proposed this.

Jeff, those high roller donors that buy season prime tickets and only go to a few games each year–do they offer the unused tickets on an outlet (stubhub) where we guys can maybe buy them, per game? Surely they do not allow them to go unused and empty.

Who knows, Fred? Maybe they put them up for sale, maybe they give them to somebody at the office, maybe they decide it’s not worth the time and trouble to sell a $12 ticket or whatever face value is.

Before I moved to Fayetteville and bought season tickets a couple of years ago, you could always get tickets from a guy for face value, and sometimes behind home plate.

BM donors can buy up to 18 football tickets, plus you have numerous season ticket holders grandfathered in.

Yeah I knew they had pretty high limits on how many tickets they can buy.

The decision to assign ticket priority across all sports based on total giving was what convinced me to up my contribution to BMS level.

I am not saying this to be a braggart or puff my chest. Just to point out a reality. This is feee market capitalism. It is what the market will bear.

I know it hurts a lot of loyal fans. But we all want to have BIGTIME athletics at UA. This is what happens in the big boy neighborhood.


Yep, I agree, it seems that our fans only want the “known names” to contribute millions, but not anyone else that can afford to. As you said, if we want to compete with the big boys, we have to raise the money, just a fact.


I feel the pain in this thread. I can see how people feel they have been loyal to a fault. And, I can also see the how/why it happened (to appease Broyles Matthews donors, because you have to). Just curious-what is the donation level to become a Broyles Matthews Donor?

BMS - $5K annually
BMG - $10K
BMP - $20K

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This has to be making Norm DeBriyn sick. There was a day when he was begging people to come to old George Cole Field.

I can still hear Frank laughing when Dave Van Horn told him “you need to build more seats” when they went to look at Baum Walker Stadium.

The thing that hurts is that they could still build more seats, maybe some bleachers on top of the existing roof. I figure that is very expensive to do. But it’s clear that someone would sit there.

As it is, I think Hunter wants to have that unbelievable demand, so they can get the seat priority money.

What will the waiting list become? Maybe it will disappear with what costs are going to be?

But, with the way the coaches are recruiting and the potential for even bigger gains in that area when recruits begin to see the new building, the rate of winning may keep ticket demand extremely high.

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I hate this whole deal, but agree with those who point out we’ve got to raise revenue to compete in the SEC.

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