My thoughts on the game

#1 Most amusing/laughable moment of the game actually happened 3 times when the broadcast crew kept talking about just how brutal of a schedule for Georgia with nary a nod to Arkansas’s schedule strength. Laughable.

#2 Georgia QB Mathis (not sure the spelling) may be a talent, but he is unable to come off his initial read and look for alternate targets. That worked well to Arkansas’s favor while he was in the game. When they changed to Bennett, he was very capable of going through the progressions and made Georgia a totally different team.

#3 Arkansas still cannot field a run blocking OLINE. Granted I say this at a point in the season where we don’t know how good Georgia DLINE is at this point because last year they allowed only 2 yds per carry.

#4 Special Team were atrocious. A blocked punt, and I’m not sure we ever covered a punt or kickoff. Really disappointing for this phase of the game I was hoping for better from here.

#5 Speed… we need speed. Georgia’s defense was faster sideline to sideline than any of Arkansas’s players. WE could not get to the edge, and Boyd could not run up the middle. WE need some speed. They had it, we did not. Very obvious.

Now with all that being said, at the end of the 1st half I was pleased with the performance from Arkansas’s Defense at that point, but told my dad with the Georgia QB change, we saw enough before the half to know the 2nd half would be very different.


I’m not sure where this myth started…but it may have been with former Florida WR Chris Doering, who now works the SEC Now show on the SEC Network. About a week ago, I heard him tout Georgia’s next four games (AFTER the Arkansas game) as “the most difficult 4 game stretch of anyone during the SEC season”. Since then, I’ve heard it repeated as if it were a no-brain fact by several of the ESPN talking heads. This implies to me that some “researcher” (probably a college intern from UGA) sent that note out and all of them were told to use it.

The next four for UGA are:

@ Alabama
@ Kentucky

And, that IS a hard 4 game gauntlet.

However, I’d put this up against it any day:

@ Florida
@ Mizzou

Or, if you prefer…

@ Texas A&M
@ Florida

Both of those 4 game stretches come from our schedule this year.

The truth is that most SEC teams have a stretch like that this year. UGA is no different than anyone else.

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