My thoughts on Noland

I think his decision to focus on baseball is a really good deal for him and the baseball team. This gives him an offseason to go through baseball-centric weight training and most importantly a chance to pitch in fall ball. I think fall ball has a tendency to get undervalued, but I have seen a lot of players improve quite a bit from the start to the finish of fall practice.

I’m looking forward to watching him pitch in October after he has had an offseason of baseball work. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing what kind of velocity jump he will make, because he will make one.

What Noland did this season to be a weekend starter still amazes me. He threw his first pitch against live college hitting less than three weeks before the season began. He had some hiccups, but to have the kind of success he did shows the kind of potential he has. From the first time I saw him pitch I thought he was a star in the making on the mound.

I think it’s a great decision for him, for the team, and even for the football team.

Agree with you completely Matt. We need him and Wick to really step it up this offseason and take that next step to being strong starters for us this next year. He made the right decision i feel for his future.

It was obvious that he was not going to be a difference maker in football so it is a wise decision. It is also obvious that if he does not significantly improve, he will not be a real difference maker in baseball either.

He will most definitely be a tremendous asset to the team next year.

I think it’s clear to see he will be a difference maker in baseball. He impresses me. I don’t understand anyone not seeing where he’s headed in baseball. Think about how many true freshmen at Arkansas who did better as weekend starter?

he has great potential but think he needs to develop a slider like Scroggins had and change to give him 4 pitches kind of like Campbell had…but the slider would be a huge addition for him b/c all his HRs were on hanging CB he needs something going east to west.

WPS ! I am excited about this news. I can see him becoming a Bulldog on the mound ala Knight and Campbell. I think he can add another three mile an hour on his fast ball by next spring. I also think he will be painting the corners and becoming our Friday night starter.

Being a true freshmen and not going through fall ball its amazing how well he pitched. I don’t remember a freshmen being a weekend starter and having the success Noland had!

Our starting pitching could actually be pretty good next season! Wicklander, Noland and maybe Kopps!
Ramage should be improved as well. I’m hoping the bullpen roles are figured out well before confercne play starts.

Exactly Army! In addition to NOT going through fall ball, he was not doing baseball lifting until football was over. He is very versatile, but his potential in baseball seems much higher than in football.

Keaton McKinney comes to mind. It is a shame he had the injuries.

An awful lot of good college pitchers are lucky to have two pitches. Elite pitchers have three that they command. Four means you are likely going to make a lot of money. It is something I’ve noticed about UA pitchers the last few years - they tend to have one more pitch that other team’s pitchers don’t have. It is what Campbell added this year (command of the collection of pitches, in general).

I hope he makes a Dallas Keuchel-like jump.

I remember him struggling much more than Noland ever did this year—had an ERA near 5. And, Clay predicted he would be counted on the next year and would be good.

I thought that was crazy talk.

Of course, the rest is history.

To me, the biggest thing Noland needs are increased velocity and better stamina to avoid hitting the wall in the middle innings (which causes him to leave the ball up and get hammered).

Noland, Wicklander and Kopps could be a very solid weekend rotation.

But, I’ll throw another name out that intrigues me: Elijah Trest. He has nasty stuff—he just hasn’t pitched a lot. If he can throw strikes he will be a real weapon.

I made a similar prediction about some guy named Cronin after an up-and-down first year.

The best freshman Pitcher that I remember is Charlie Issacson.

Mot many, however, have been as effective as Noland and Wicklander.


But, he doesn’t get near the attention or praise around here that Noland does, likely because he’s not an AR kid. But he for a freshman, was pretty stellar, and his numbers show it.

Which means we are in a good position, I think our starters could be among the best in the SEC if they make the necessary jump.

If Noland can add some velocity, and quit hanging balls over the top of the plate, he will really make a jump.

If wicklander can get more command and master his breaking ball, he will make the jump.

Should both do it, seems like if they are going to, it’s their sophomore season you see it. (Minus Campbell).

I’ve had a lot of good things to say about Wicklander. In fact, at one point a few weeks back when people were asking why he was in the announced rotation instead of Noland, I said it was because he has been the better of the two pitchers this year and the numbers back it up.

That said, I think what Noland did this year was more impressive because of the time off from baseball. He went seven months without picking up a baseball and was a Freshman All-American.

This. And that’s why KP said what he did. KP knows that now that Noland is going to focus on baseball, he can make major improvement. I’ll be curious to see if CN plays summer ball or spends the summer finally doing the baseball-specific training he’s never done. I would tend to think he’ll benefit from either, but maybe more in the weight room.

I agree that it’s impressive that he did it without being here the entire time. No question. But I that doesn’t to me, bump him to having the better season, but yeah he had a more difficult path to a good season.

As far as the praise, I was talking more specifically about posters. It’s no secret Arkansas fans tend to be homers (nothing wrong with that, to an extent). But i just see more praise for Noland. When, wicklander to some atleast, had the better year, he had 90ks, in less innings pitched, at times looked really, really good, and he’s a lefty, which excites me. Similar ERAs, less hits, but more wild.
—ultimately was just saying that while Noland gets the credit he deserves, I feel wicklander doesn’t get it as much as he deserves.

Either way, we should be in good shape next year if they both develop. I also think Adams the freshman will likely be the Sunday guy, and he looks like he could be a stud. Idk his over all player rating but I’m guessing it’s higher than both Noland and wicklander (for whatever that’s worth, idk). But I bet he will be a solid freshman.

Should be a good year… if we can find some bullpen depth.

I don’t focus on strikeouts because Wicklander and Noland are different types of pitchers. Noland pitches to contact, so he’s not going to be a high strikeout pitcher. I still think batting average and ERA tell the story of a pitcher. Teams had a lot more difficulty hitting Wicklander, but he had a higher ERA because he walked almost three times as many batters as Noland did in 12 fewer innings.

Noland reminds me of a better version of Brandon Moore, who was on the team from 2011-13. I thought Moore was a really good college relief pitcher because of his ability to keep the ball low in the zone and get ground ball outs. His velocity wasn’t anywhere near some of his teammates like Nolan Sanburn, Colby Suggs or Barrett Astin, but he was always one of the most effective pitchers on the team.

That’s what I see from Noland. He’s not the best pro prospect, but more often than not he got the job done.

It definitely doesn’t tell the entire story.
I agree.

But in today’s game, where the homerun is really starting to come back, you have to really like strikeout pitchers (I do atleast), as we’ve seen, Noland tends to give up the homeruns pretty often being a pitching to contact guy. He will fix that with more control.
Just like wicklander will fix the walks with more control. Wicklander OBA was still lower, even while walking more.

They are both freshman and had their share of freshman issues, but none are major.

I think they will both be a great 1-2 punch and very different styles. Ultimately, wicklander has the much better draft potential because he has the strikeout ability, and he’s a lefty, and he can throw some pretty salty stuff when he’s on.