My thoughts on Nick - long

First I am thrilled that Nick is coming back. Here is a kid that could have left Arkansas and gone to school literally wherever he wanted. He is also a kid that actively helped Muss recruit this current roster. Specifically AB and Walsh. So as we all have been cheering Walsh and especially AB, let’s remember they well may not have come here without their friendship and recruiting by Nick.

I must express my frustration with several fans (and posters here and on other boards) referencing AB’s injury, as well as Ricky and MM’s, and inferring that if THEY could play through injuries, why couldn’t Nick? Yes, Muss has lauded those guys for playing through injuries, aches and pains. And deservedly so. But COME ON. Not all injuries are the same. We all know that. I was not a big time athlete, but I was an athlete. And I played through knee contusions and ankle sprains. Broken fingers. Jacked up shoulders. But when I tore a knee ligament? Wasn’t no playing through that. The knee wasn’t stable. That knee bothers me to this day.

In any case, Nick obviously had something serious enough that he could not play through it. So unless you have precise info on what Nick’s injury was, I think the kid deserves the benefit of the doubt. Of course, in our political climate, its “cool” to be angry first, gather facts later. Or maybe not at all. Nick deserves better. And before anyone posts that I am targeting them with my comments, I am not. I am talking about lots of folks. On other boards and who call in on radio shows.

As for how Nick “fits in”…I for one think Muss will be very pragmatic about this, and play Nick as much as is warranted by his performance. I have seen several projected minutes allocations. I admit those can be fun. But I would be imagine that Muss will bring him off the bench, see how he’s playing, and play him as much or as little as the situation warrants.

I do think that with a healthy Nick, we are once again a threat to go deep in the NCAA. Without him, not so sure. We now have depth in the back court. Without Nick, Devo, AB and Ricky were gonna kill themselves at some point.

Finally, I hope that when Nick does enter the game, he is greeted by a huge ROAR. It would have been so easy for him to send out a tweet, thank the fan base, and say “due to my injury, I won’t be returning, but instead I will prepare for the NBA draft.” So easy.

He didn’t do that. And this fan, who has spent a lifetime working with 18-23 year olds, will always be grateful he came back and made a priority of “being a Hog.” That was an adult, and loyal, decision. I appreciate it. And him.

Thank you Nick.

Now, let’s win some more dadgum games!
I for one would love an SEC Tourney championship. I get tired of watching other fanbases get that trophy.

Then…how about a Final Four?!



All truth


Well said

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No doubt Nick was instrumental in assembling the roster. No doubt Nick’s injury is different. No doubt he helps us. If the team accepts him, that’s all that’s important to me moving forward. I have no doubt they will. He will make everyone better. I hope his comeback is not only a success for the team, but him individually. He is a razorback, imo.

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Agree with most of what you posted. As crazy as it sounds though, I’m not sure I want to get past the SECT semis. That extra game can hurt you in the Big Dance.

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When he comes back he will be relieving guys who are playing 35+ minutes a game. If he was taking 10 minutes from a 15 minute guy then there might be some resentement. His return is going to make this team so much better for a lot of reasons!


Eventually NSJ is going to be back in the starting lineup, meaning someone who’s starting now won’t be. My guess is Devo. But #4 will still get plenty of minutes, including crunch time.


For reasons I’d rather not discuss I never doubted NSJ’s commitment to the Hogs. I have also worked trough a couple of ACL tears and know the commitment it takes to play again. Never once doubted his commitment to the Hogs. Those who have never experienced a knee injury do not not understand the commitment of time and energy involved in rehabbing. Go hogs


I actually would suspect Ricky…only because Muss likes to say he wants some offensive punch when he goes to the bench. Also, Devo being the top defender, I would think Muss will want him to start.

But we shall all see.

I will bet one thing. If we lead late in games, Muss will go “small ball/good free throw shooting” line-up with Devo, AB, Ricky, Walsh and Nick.


Very well spoken, good job. WPS

That was a wonderful post - I will admit I was one of the posters questioning his loyalty to the program when the team was going through the rough spell to open SEC play. Sometimes I suppose that I’ve just become a bitter old fool. I do pray that NJS doesn’t come back and get injured. I know it is a risk for anyone playing the game, but that would be awful

I agree with a lot of what you posted with the exception of fans who questioned why he was not playing through his injury when others were. This could have all been addressed if they would have just been more open about things. And by they, I mean NSJ and his handlers. Obviously, Muss could not with HIPPA but the entourage could have. They essentially held this team hostage.

There was enough seriousness to the injury that they didn’t want to disclose it due to risking NSJ’s draft position. I get that. But we’re Arkansas Razorback fans and the team comes first. A simple “doctors have advised 4-6 weeks of rest (inactivity) would have at least been something.

I’m glad he’s coming back and I hope he does well. I hope he’s completely healthy. I understand you have some criticism for fans that didn’t show some grace toward his injury status. How about the entourage giving Razorbacks fans some grace by being more open and understanding that we entered into this year with high hopes of a final four or better!


Who does he replace at crunch time?

One of the twins, or Walsh.

That’s what I think too,he likes a spark off the bench and Devo defense is too good for him to sit,especially with his offense coming on strong.

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I think he’ll be competing for time with Devo, Ricky, and Black. They all like playing as many minutes as possible; so, there could be some conflict between these four. Devo is playing the best overall for the last five or six games, especially in the three point needed area. And I don’t see AD not starting; so, if he does end up starting, I think Ricky sits. Hope this new dynamic doesn’t set us back before things can click. No doubt, he’s elite talent that should be playing. Great to have him back.

Brother, with all due respect, it’s time to flush that crap. I caught myself having many of the same thoughts throughout the season, but these are different times.
The thing we all have to remember is Nick didn’t give up on being a Hog (even though he very easily could have).
He didn’t give up on us, so I’m not gonna give up on him.
As I said earlier, we still have so much to play for, and we now have, what I think, is the best 4 guard rotation in college hoops.
Guards win championships in March.
Get back on the Buss.
Go Hogs!


Hmmmmm…….trying to think of another four guard lineup that’s as talented. Interesting

You will be thinking awhile.

I would have said that few games ago. But seems like Muss has come to like playing two of Makhai, Makhel, Graham and Walsh all the time. I have not seen him go small lately since these four are providing rim protection, rebounding and overall defense.

I think he will go with two of Nick, Devo and Ricky depending on which two are having a good game.