My thoughts on KB

It would be a luxury to sign him but I think we’ll be okay in time.

The recruiting battles to win Connor Noland and KJ Jefferson should not be forgotten.

Yes, I can imagine the benefits of having a fifth year senior who has played on national championship teams, but for where this team is at this point in time, I remain excited to see what develops with Connor and KJ and the playing time that would certainly go to KB would offset their number of game snaps available.

Would I like to have KB? Absolutely…come on down. But, it almost seems like making a mid-season trade for a stud pitcher (who’ll be a free agent at the end of the year) while the rest of the lineup is still developing.

Just my thought. I’ve been wrong before…and often.

I think it would help for next year but is 1 year worth slowing development Conner or KJ? The experience they could get would be very valuable. Is 7-6 obtainable with Conner? I would take it today.

We need a QB that can run the offense to Morris’ liking, I don’t think those two are ready .

Agree - though I think Connor will make a lot of progress if he goes through Spring getting number one reps, conditioning, etc.

We need a qb that has the experience and readiness to make us competitive.

Chad knows the patience is this state is low and he wants to meet expectations this season. Which for me aren’t to high, I want a .500 season and a bowl game. That’s reasonable.

But, we all know that won’t be good enough for a lot of people and starting a green qb might heat his seat up.

Agree with this - Fan impatience due to years of losing is a problem for Chad, but I hope everybody would be happy with 6-6. It would be very significant improvement!

We should have a good chance at 6 wins next year, if not, the seat will be very warm going into year three. The OOC games should be givens next year, and a couple of SEC games are good chances as well.



One key with Connor, he really , really , needs to go through spring practice and not play baseball.

Well, that’s just not going go happen. He’s playing baseball. I would be surprised if misses much - or any - of the spring football practices

If OU made it work with Kyler Murray last year, I would think CM and DVH can work it out here

Yes Connor will be able to do both he will just be a very busy young man but hey he’s Young he can handle it there’s a blueprint of how to do it at Oklahoma

Not positive, but I think he’s planning on doing both. I believe (no inside info) this could change depending on whether we sign KB and where he stands in baseball playing time during the season.

There are baseball practices and 6 games before spring football starts, including 3 home games and a 3 day trip to LA against USC. This would give him a feel for whether he would have any shot at being in a starting pitching rotation, or at least a week-day starter. Either way, he would then go participate in spring football practice, especially if we haven’t signed KB. He would then be able to re-join the baseball team for 23 more games plus post season.

After the end of the baseball season, he would be available for all the summer football program, including working with the WRs and TEs. Note, he would miss some, if the baseball team goes back to the World Series.

Very good news I hadn’t thought about him being able to do both.

I had heard what a great baseball pitcher Connor was. I never realized just how good until I finally found his 3 year baseball stats and WOW, they are sizzling, while playing against 6A teams, which should be decent competition.

His senior year:
10-0, 0.42 ERA, and in 66.2 innings, he had 123 Ks. That’s almost 2 Ks per inning pitched. If those stats come anywhere close to converting to D-1 baseball (with continued development), he will be getting an enormous baseball offer 3 years from now. I don’t know if being the starting QB his Jr year would keep him around for his Sr year. It would be a Nice problem for him to have though.

Noland will DEFINITELY play baseball, just check out this article from Tom Murphy:

Noland switches uniforms, but time share still in works

As an aside, every recruiting season I see posts on social media from inside the state suggesting that UA doesn’t really want an African-American quarterback and thus doesn’t go all out in recruiting black QBs. Which is ridiculous, but the sentiment is there, and I’m sure any school recruiting against us for a Criswell or Bohanon – or Bryant – is using that against us. So landing KB would go a long way in dispelling that garbage.

And then there’s KJ Jefferson.

How good is he compared to Nolan. If we don’t land KB, and Storey and Kelley transfer, is he legitimate enough to win the spot from Nolan?

I bet he is good, but will he be able to pick up the offense by getting up here this summer and not going thru spring ball?