My thoughts on game

The defense looked okay, but I still don’t think we have a good pass rush. Our best defenses put pressure on quarterback. And I’m sorry if we can’t get into backfield on Rice. Then it’s not going to happen in SEC Play.

Same thing concerns me on our O-line there was not a lot of dominance there. I saw a few plays where lineman where standing around while the backs where scrambling for extra yards. There was too much pressure in backfield I don’t care if they blitz or not. Not one person on Rice Defense could play anywhere on any of the teams we are going to play.

Ok I’ll give maybe first couple of series of nerves to KJ while he did better in 2nd half he still stunk it up. I bet his 128 yards was lowest of any SEC QB. After you sail 3 or 4 passes get hit in the mouth and throw a INT. A baller will either ball or underperform.

Trelon Smith is a reliable back but he is not going to be a game changer we will be lucky if he rushes for 1,000 yards.

Playcalling was basic although if you can’t complete a slant you sure can’t go downfield.

It concerns me that Sam Pittman didn’t even remember the score at half time. He does care I believe but he is too laid back. I.e look at Mussleman who charts everything in a game from how many passes they deflect to how many times their shoes squeak on the floor. That’s a coach that studies the game and is in control of the team.

In example your starting QB show up to camp 15 to 20lbs overweight ?? What does that say about his character and leadership capabilities. And further more no contact or not by coaches during summer but do you think that would ever in history happen at Bama???

I think we have a lot to worry about , and a long season ahead . I know our fanbase loves to be optimistic but let’s call it what it is. If we come out and dominate Texas I will gladly
Recind my criticism. But that first half was very bad .

Overall I am disappointed and had hopes that we could win 6 games.


Pretty sure Sam knew the score at halftime
Maybe he didn’t remember after the game on the spur of the moment

But I am not sure Sam is as laid back as you might think

@dilibe357 you may need to watch some practice video. The Sam that I see in practice is anything but laid back. He deserves some flack but he’s not laid back with the players.

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I was not thrilled with our first game, and our head coach clearly is not either. I agree that the pash rush did not excite us or scare any SEC opponents, ditto the OL play.

But I don’t agree with much you just typed. Rice has some players, and some that would make rosters in the SEC. They are in Houston, and their players reflect that.

And I’d say that Jefferson did not show up “15-20 pounds overweight”. CSP said everyone was within 5 pounds of desired weight, KJ said he’d like to be 12 pounds less than his weight on day one of fall camp. Bet he’s lost half the difference during a hard and phiscal fall camp. Whatever his weight, did you see him run?!?! Rice sure did. I guarantee Texas and all SEC DC’s saw it. game changer, man. and he did “ball”, led his O to 31 consecutive points. that’s pretty impressive.

Treylon is a good back, a real SEC player. not DMAC, but a guy who plays his tail off every play, runs well and courageously, catches well, I’m glad he’s on the roster.

Playcalling-agree with you, it seemed very predictable. for the 11th straight game.

I just do not know how you come to the conclusion that CSP does not care or is too laid back. you have clearly not watched any practice video or video of his players discussing his coaching. or listened to JD White’s podcast last night. check those out, you’ll feel better about our coach.

I’ll admit that my optimism for a 7-5 season took a serious hit yesterday, but I’m not jumping off a bridge just yet. Lots of time to gel, improve, show off.


have you EVER posted anything positive about any hog team in any sport?


Consider the source. OP looks at a bright blue sky and sees thunderstorms. When he bothers to crawl out from under the bridge. I guess my ignore expired; time to renew it.


@neastarkie you nailed it.

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I don’t think he is John L Smith laid back but he is a far cry from being as exciting as coach Muss

I love CSP’s leadership. He’s very intelligent but subtle. He’s careful not to throw anyone (coaches, players, refs, etc…) under the bus. He’s always striving to build up everyone’s confidence but at the same time instruct, teach and learn from mistakes.
I have great confidence he knows what he’s doing as well as Coach Briles. There is a reason and strategy for every play call and what they say in public. Don’t underestimate CSP and his staff.
UA…Campus of Champions

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You are one of the main sunshine pumpers. If you want to only say nice things and lie to yourself go ahead. I call it like I see it. And by the way yes I love Coach Muss and the state of our B Ball team. I really feel like we can compete with anyone so there. But I am not I. The crowd that thinks Sam will ever get into the top 4 in Sec

I love “Sunshine Pumpers.”

Those who proudly called themselves “Darksiders” are a reason our football program is where it is today.


Have you ever played any sports??? This is why I don’t post because of people like you. You are entitled to your opinion as am I. I bet you were singing the sky is blue during Morris and Beliema era too. Until the wheels fell off . I’m not saying Coach Pittman is anywhere near those guys but let’s be honest we all want to get back to the relevancy of Petrona days and I don’t think he is the coach

Also curious since I am so negative call the win loss season totals in your best guess. And let’s see who is the closest. I will say 5/7.

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dilibie, I don’t think your post was that bad. A lot of people have the same questions. However, I truly think we are headed in the right direction.

After the past couple seasons, I choose to say positive.

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First game of the year and the sky is falling.,. Smith rushed for over 100 yards. Average close to that and that adds up to over 1000 yards on the season. The defense didn’t get much pressure on the QB but absolutely took over in the second half. Catalon is a beast. Are we great? Probably not. Will we be competitive and something to watch that we haven’t had in years, yes! One bad half and you have given up on the coach and team.

I bet you were terrible in sports and that’s why you get so frustrated with a win. Grow up accept “Petrona” isn’t the coach. And also your average 6 game win prediction is more than the Vegas odds. You shouldn’t be so optimistic we will succeed expectations.

Also pick a number for you win prediction. You can’t say I guess we win 5-7. Doesn’t work that way. Pick a single number. I think we win 4-9. Lets see who’s closer

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Thanks I may be too critical. But I want wins

We are definitely going in the right direction. We hadn’t won a non conference game in almost 2 years. The last time a team like Rice came to Razorback Stadium they beat us 44-19 .

Well first Sir if Trelon only got 100 on Rice , it would be tough to expect the same production agains GA, and Ala and even LSU defense is good this year.

2nd if your ok with paying a coach 3 mil a year and having a losing season, then your expectations aren’t that high. So I would actually call 5-7 a disappointing season.

3rd You are from Wynne I see , I was a starter on the line at NLR and then transferred to Mclellan . So I was far from sorry and I played a lot more talent than you did if you played sports at Wynne.

6 games isn’t a losing season by my math. Maybe my little ol Wynne education was better than your NLR or Mclellan education.

Wynne has a great football program and has for years. We play good talent and always have. One of the best high school coaches of all times in Arkansas.

The discussion here is how negative you are and always have been. I’ve never seen one positive post by you. If you hate the coach/team so bad then maybe consider watching someone else.

3 mil a year is crap compared to any other school so I am completely fine with the head coach taking less so he has a better staff.

You picked the 2 best defenses in the nation to go off of. Again, by my math, close to 100 yards a game is going to add up to over 1000 yards over 12 games.

Again, your win spread is to wide. Is it 5,6, or 7? I’ll go with 4 since you are such a negative Nancy.