My thoughts after A&M

Pretty sure no one cares, but this is what I see…
We should’ve beaten A&M by 20 both times we played them…they are not very good, and will not make The Tourney.
Muss should’ve taken a couple of weeks off to recover. The best we have looked this season was in Baton Rouge. The team looked free and easy. Since Muss has come back, we look like he looks on the bench…tight and constipated.
I have no idea what Muss is doing with his rotation. Devo and Lykes almost cost us this game tonite. How in the world could Jaxon and KK play any worse?
Muss needs to call Coach Richardson and ask him how to play with depth, because he almost cost himself this game by playing some of the wrong guys too many minutes.


I’m adding that Muss had hairdye all over his face, but wait my wife or somebody said it was markers from the board.

I kept saying why didn’t somebody wipe his face?? anyway

Shots fired!

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I thought he was turning into a zombie as the game went on.

Just take 24 hrs to think and post. Your a sharp poster.

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That’s it zombie. A zombie right before our eyes.

You are probably right, but I just have no idea what Muss is doing with his rotation right now, and I am incredibly frustrated.


Winning that’s what he’s doing

The team plays better without their coach? Really? Now , there is no doubt they need much, much, much better point guard play, especially at backup. And it is certainly part of the fun of a message board to question moves. There is no doubt that we keyboard coaches know much better who should be playing than the people who see them every day in practice and know the game plan.

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I didn’t see where he called for CEM’s firing guys. He just offered his opinion. CEM is not above criticism. He’s the one who brought in Lykes. He’s the one who missed out on a true point and big. He’s the one not playing KK, Jax, Connor ,or our freshman guard who has been so absent his name escapes one is calling for CEM’s firing. Just pointing out his choice of one year quick fixes hasn’t worked out so well.


Three out of four one year fixes is not bad. Wade , Umude and Toney for the most part have been solid.


that is the same coach that brought that team together last year, I have not forgotten how good that team turned out. They jelled and were really good down the stretch!! I think I am going to give this coach plenty of slack, he has earned it. One thing I know for sure, no one wants to win more than muss and he is going to figure out what gives him the best chance to do that. Granted Lykes and DD are not making consistent contributions, what i was saw from kk and jaxson was no better, and Muss sees them everyday. And every coach misses on players, happens all the time, there are no guarantees. You roll the dice thinking what you can do with a player, they will never always pan out!!


Wade, Umude, and Toney have had flashes of brilliance, but not on a consistent basis. They’re good player and I am glad to have them. Not getting a true point and missing on a big to give JWill a breather hurt. Can’t keep JD and JWill on the court 40 minutes game after game. They’ll have nothing left at the end of the regular season. To be clear, I am not a fan of postionless basketball. Not a fan of the Gene Iba philosophy of basketball.

Muss has always been one that likes to play 7-8 player so I don’t really think that’s going to change. The only thing I had a hard time with is we basically looked like we were resting on offense so we could play incredibly hard defense by having the one dribbler and four watching. That allowed them to get back in the game I thought… it’s very hard to run motion offense and play incredibly hard defense,you’re going to have to play 9 or 10 if you want to do both… I am glad we are winning though… I always said the defense would have to turn up the heat for us ever be good because it will allow us to get in transition and that is exactly what has got us on this 4 game winning streak… keep it up boys no way we should be losing these next several games


Good stuff youdaman, and jeremy…


I do agree about JWill and burning him out. Similar to what happened to Portis when it was obvious in the Tourney’s he was wore down.


It’s hard to believe some of the things I am reading from posters.

We went from a National power, one of the top 5 in the country — to 25 years of mediocrity. Arkansas basketball was awful, irrelevant.

This Coach comes in and returns Arkansas to the top 8 — levels of success not seen since the glory days of the mid-90s.

This year’s team hit a slump — the script pre-Miss for two decades meant a horrible losing season. But under this coach, this team has apparently improved and turned it around.

But — as I have seen happen so often in the past — not good enough for some, complaints about the coach who turned it around, howls of criticism, etc.

Some are even criticizing a kid for dunking the ball to put Hogs up by 3……apparently he was supposed to stand there………

I’m used to this from fellow Hog fans. I’m older now, so I don’t let it cause undue upset and anger. What is it the kids say “haters gonna hate” ? It’s going to happen.

But I guess I can occasionally call it out when I see it and respond with a Charlie Brown — good grief.


I think he is playing the ‘We’s’