My thoughts a day later

Thought #1 - I am a little disappointed to see fewer posts after a win than after a loss. It just does reinforce what cable news channels have known for a long time (all political viewpoints, mind you): people are much more communicative when angry or fearful than when happy. And thus consume more communication. Pretty sad. That said, THANK YOU for those that did post on this “day-after” a big win.

Thought #2 - I realize Trey Biddy runs a different board, but he’s also on YouTube, Drivetime (thank God) and other places. I really liked his take that yesterday was a “must not lose game.” My best friend back in NLR was saying that if we lost his entire church just might not show up the following morning. I think yesterday was one of those games that a coach really needed in order to give himself just a little bandwidth to keep building. If we lose…the heat is so unbelievably stifling today, I don’t know how any of them could have functioned. Fortunately, they won’t have to find out. So, from that perspective, yesterday was a GREAT win. Might prove to be the biggest of Morris’ Arkansas carer…kinda like Nolan versus Arkansas State.

Thought #3 - Colorado State is not some kind of perennial cupcake that everyone beats up on. Yes, they have been down of late. But its pretty clear they have a serious offense. That is a school and program with tradition. They have always given Colorado fits. This is a program that has been to 16 bowl games since 1990. I am not saying they are a national power. But they aren’t some sort of horrible program our fanbase should expect to just destroy. Especially where we are right now in our rebuild. I am not thrilled we gave up 34. But a 21 point final point spread is bigger than what I expected!

Thought #4 - Starkel is the best QB since BA. Who was far better than our fanbase ever gave him credit for being. Starkel might turn out to be even better…though he won’t match BA’s career. But Nick is a stud. Dudley…you wuz right.

Thought #5 - We are playing a super talented freshman DE who is under weight due to being a freshman, who is obviously inexperienced, and who is playing with a broken hand. Teams are exploiting him. Its not his fault he’s having to play. But be patient. Mr. Soli will turn out to be the best D-end we have has since Trey Flowers.

Thought #6 - How bout Devwah! he has never seen subtle creases like we all want him to. But give him something more obvious, and he stomps through there like a pissed off elephant. I was so happy to see him run like that. Kid deserves it. That said…Rakeem! Woh. Kid has jets.

Thought #7 - I don’t care how many yards or points we gave up…the defense looks better. Faster. More athletic. But…inexperienced defenses give up big plays. They just…do. They will tighten that up as they mature. But strap in. There will more big plays against us. And…if Chief starts playing soft to protect against big plays, teams will just drive down methodically and score and the fan base will lose its mind for that. Plus…CSU has a good offense. Possibly better than Ole Miss. Now their defense…well…

Final thought - The offensive line played well. Yes…against a weak d-line (even Colo State writers bemoan their defense)…but they are coming around. As they improve, the Arkansas Razorbacks will improve. We have elite skill players now. Truly elite. At every skill spot. Its been awhile since we could say that! As the o-line develops, we will have some fun watching.

It does feel good to win. I screamed so loud when O’Grady scored my dogs thought I was mad.

Great game Hog players that might have seen this. You made us proud.


Good analysis and observations.

My take on defense-we have to figure out, freshmen or not, how to stop the runs off tackle and around the end. I love our pressure we bring when it’s 3rd ad longish. It’s a thing of beauty.

Three very positive things I saw: First, watching Burks and Knox. Those guys are good. You can see that Starkel and that pair are developing some chemistry which could make the second half of this year, not to mention 2020, pretty exciting when we are on offense.

Second, the secondary is faster and more athletic, and has more guys you can move around to try to pressure the offense and create big plays.

Third, the way we won the game closed the circle. Last year in Fort Collins I watched the Hogs collapse in the fourth quarter when they were put under pressure. The team never got over that collapse. This year, CSU had momentum in a tie game going into the fourth quarter, and the Hogs answered the bell, and overwhelmed CSU in the last fifteen minutes. I don’t know how many games we will win this year, but the way we won this game was important for this team to forget about last year’s misery and to realize that yes, they can produce in the clutch.

My thoughts are this:

Don’t overreact to the losses, don’t overreact to the wins…it’s a process.

I’m not sure there’s too much overreacting to a win here. What I think is the Hog’s 21 point victory over CSU was miles different than their game with Portland State – much progress was seen over two weeks.

Not great progress - like we’re ready to competitively dual Bama, but the offense is clearly getting better.

The effort was what struck me, for four quarters. When our safeties and LBs crowded the line we often got beat on either passes or long runs. But, when the blitz was successful, we tend to forget that a blitz is a gamble–you are leaving something open. Inability to contain the outside, whether it be run or swing pass is something that has to be fixed. Confidence is what this team needs.

The special teams also had their best game in years. Great punting. Kick offs that reached the end zone and were not returnable. We had no mistakes in coverage and a our return game was good as well. Limpert was big time.

It was indeed a must win game. It wasn’t an easy win, but the 21 point final margin—all generated in the 4th qtr—helps our outlook. We’re taking steps in the right direction. That’s the most anyone can realistically hope for this season. Next year we should expect a bowl and the year after, we should expect a better bowl.

After most losses, the vast majority of the posts are either people you never see on the board or the “negative nellies” that always complain regardless of the topic. I find it a waste of time to read the posts after a loss. How many “worst team I ever saw” rants do you need to read unless you enjoy that kind of post? After a day or so, you get posts that point out the bad and the good from the game and can intelligently discuss it without foaming at the mouth. JMVVVVHO

You nailed it, Hogmodo. There are a few posters who seem to live for the chance to post after a loss or even an unimpressive win. I don’t understand the mindset, but there’s no doubt some people have it.

Saw many positives and am happy with the win, but wish we could get the defense off the field on third down more consistently. The attacking defense late in the game was a treat to watch, but it was less impactful early. I think we have some talent on defense, but I wonder about some of the execution, we seem to be vulnerable on the edge and often lose containment (is this over pursuit?).

O-line looked better and I know it is a work in progress, so I have hopes going forward. All the backs showed explosiveness, Whaley appears quicker and certainly is explosive when given a hole, Hopefully we can take another step versus San Jose and carry a little confidence into a tough schedule coming up.

Chavis and staff are doing a better job than many give them credit for as they deal with youth growing up. As corrected noted, teams will attack our young defense ends and anyother area that shows it can be attacked. The SEC is too good for this defense to line up now and play a regular defense. We blitz on nearly even play and that is set up for someone’s band to start playing on regular basis. We do it to get pressure and that opens up other areas to be exposed. Barring injuries (see our list already) it will be a longer process. The good thing is starting in second half of the Ole Miss game, the staff is feeding the new players into the game. This creates issues then but at least we had gas in the tank for the fourth quarter. This team needs the offense to outscore teams so the defense can get grounded and established. So for defense to continue to grow the o line has to become a strong unit for offense to progress. Teams will take away our freshmen receivers so our tight ends have to step up. Morris and staff is juggling a lot of hot potatoes right now but process and better days are coming but in meantime so are the lumps. Gotta enjoy the journey.

I think we are all desperate for a winner. Seems every year since finishing number 5 AP, that we look for a big time program on hard times to point to so we say, see it’s not just us. But we are unfortunately a common denominator.

As an SEC member or previously a SWC member, and proud one, we beat a team we are supposed to beat.

I fall in the trap of wanting more for us than we currently have on the field because I’m old enough to remember when our program expected to easily win such games.

We know the reasons why this isn’t the same situation for the program at the moment.

I thought there were many positives.

Knox and Burkes and of course Starkel are exactly what the doctor ordered on O. O line did better.

D looked horrible in first half but finished the 4th quarter strong. I’m personally not sold on Chavis but that’s just me. Containment was horrendous first half but maybe that’s just youth.

I thought biggest positive was how the team finished the fourth quarter like it would not be denied.

For a team that is young and fragile, that says a lot.

Was proud of the team for finishing strong.

Hopefully we can build off of this game and keep developing.

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Nice post, Maestro…By the way, Maestro, do you make Elaine call you Maestro? Or is it just plain Bob?

Starkel does have some serious skills…we didn’t know what we were getting…I sure didn’t. I think he has the most arm talent since Ryan Mallett. Arkansas has been fortunate…Ryan Mallett, Tyler Wilson, Brandon Allen, Austin Allen and now Starkel. No wonder, he is cocky…the guy is good and he knows it.

Elaine? Who is Elaine? My wife’s name is Mary. And she calls me whatever she wants. Especially when I screw something up around the house. Which is frequent.

Wait…is that a Seinfeld reference?

Interesting thread. Wonderful analysis all the way around. Kudos to all.

I thought the defense in the 4th quarter looked faster and quicker. People were flying around. Routes to the target were straight and crisp and we closed quickly and surely.

Don’t know if it was offensive fatigue or renewed confidence by the defense, but it just seemed crisper. Still a ways to go, but it was encouraging.

Has Tutt played any on regular defense? His Twitter feed seems like he is down.

Maestro, that was a Seinfeld…

It is the episode where Elaine is dating the orchestra conductor who insists she call him Maestro instead of his name, Bob Cobb. Unfortunately, I have seen every episode 100 times, so I assume everyone else has, too.

I have not seen Tutt on the field. His ability to practice consistently over the last year has been almost nil because of his knee issues. He once had SEC speed. Not so sure now.

The Maestro was Mark Metcalf. He was also The Master in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the crazy dad in a couple of Twisted Sister’s videos, but to me he will always be Doug Neidermeyer in Animal House.