My theory on loss....

I believe our only chance to beat OM was to outscore them. Before you roll your eyes at the obvious, let me explain. Anyone can see that our defense can’t stop a good offensive team enough to keep the score reasonable. Last night we had the firepower and game plan to score a lot in the second half but the injuries to Devwah and Boyd killed any chance at the running game. Hayden has the speed but lacks the ability to hit the hole correctly. I’ve notice several runs where he had a hole and either ran past the hole or cut before hitting the hole. And his pass pro (IMO) is lacking. Those 2 RB losses were killers.

When Ty went down our chances to win went from good to really bad. Cole cannot run the offense and has that ability to throw to the wrong team. I wish we had tried Connor. The result may have been the same but maybe not.

So my theory is that the game was our until those three injuries.

Tough loss for the kids. They fought hard.

I wonder how Kelley would have done with Boyd and Whaley still in that game. We’ll never know for sure.

Love Cole’s motor, but he doesn’t seem comfortable at all reading defenses much less our O.

He misread and handed off to a running back several times withbox loaded.

And he passes into coverage a lot with little regard for a second receiver.

Glad we have him but I have to agree that he does not run the offense as Storey can to this point.

When Boyd went down, I thought this game has just become very difficult to win. The rest are just too slow for the SEC.