My take

I believe John Stephen Jones will be given a scholarship. The question in my mind will it be in the 2018 or 2019 recruiting class.

If he signs with us, he’s a 2018 guy.

Initial Counter ( A student-athlete receiving athletic scholarship aid for the first time)

He can sign and become an Initial Counter in 2018 recruiting class.

He can walk-on the first semester of the 2018 academic year and be place on scholarship in Jan. 2019 and become an Initial Counter for the 2019 recruiting class.

He can become a part time student the first semester of the 2018 academic year (A Greyshirt) and be place on scholarship in Jan 2019 and become an Initial Counter in the 2019 recruiting class.

I’m fully aware of the different names, again, if he signs with us, it’s as member of the 2018 recruiting class.

He’ll be given a sholafship, but he won’t take it. (They will just pay the tuition)

He has a full regular offer now from Arkansas as well as ones for SMU, Texas Tech and Kansas.

All for 2018.

He won’t be blue-shirting.

John Stephen Jones has been visit off campus by Arkansas coaches and is coming on an official visit, which makes him a recruited student-athlete.

Blueshirts are nonrecruited athletes who happen to be discovered in Fall camp.

Not really, Clary and Henry were blueshirts last February and were well known before hand by the staff. Since Arkansas didn’t visit their school to recruit any athletes that fall, and didn’t host them for an official visit, they were eligible to “blueshirt” .

Sorry, I must have got hoodwinked by the NCAA.
Here is NCAA rule

Nonrecruited Student-Athlete Receiving Institutional Financial Aid.

A student-athlete not recruited by the institution who receives institutional financial aid (based in any degree on athletics ability) after beginning football practice becomes a counter but need not be counted as an initial counter until the next academic year if the institution has reached its initial limit for the year in question. However, the student-athlete shall be considered in the total counter limit for the academic year in which the aid was first received.

Too bad that isn’t what your previous post said, lol. We all know when a blue shirt goes on scholarship, and what class they count in. They aren’t walkons who are awarded scholarships after being “discovered” in fall camp. Any walkon who receives a scholarship in his first two years must count back as an initial qualifier , thus the reason most walkons get their scholarship in their Jr/Sr year.

Yes CBB knew all about H Henry and T Clary before hand. This is exactly why many people believe the rule is unfair.

The NCAA put in the rule in for the reason I stated. The rule was intended for recruits who were discover in Fall camp and who were deserving of a scholarship.
Coaches soon found the loophole and took full advantage of the rule.

Many coaches believe the rule will be eliminated soon, including CBB. The reason being, many believe this rule gives unfair advantage to the larger schools.

Yes CBB knew all about H Henry and T Clary before hand and took full advantage of the NCAA rule. Many believe this rule is unfair to the smaller schools.

The NCAA put in this rule exactly for the reason I state. The rule was intended for student-athletes who were discovered in Fall camp.

The coaches soon discover the loophole in the rule and took full advantage. Many, including CBB believe the NCAA will eliminate rule. Because it gives larger schools an unfair advantage over the smaller schools.

The whole recruiting process may need to be blown up. I’m not sure the early signing date is really going to work. It might be that schools need to be limited in the number of offers they can give. I have no clue what that number would be, but if it were set at 300, a coach might be smart not to use them all until he’s got his class wrapped up. It would keep the big boys from pulling the plug as quickly. Now–I’m not a recruiting expert by any means, so this may already be on the books, but there needs to be a way to clean up some of the mess that is college football recruiting.