My take on transfer waivers

NCAA just denied waiver requests Of Javhon Quinerly (McAA from Villanova) to Alabama and Ian Steer to St. John’s. This is the fourth straight denial I have noticed after what it seemed like NCAA handing out waivers like Christmas cookies,

Seems to me that NCAA went thru all the applications and issued waivers that seemed clear cut waivers and threw the rest of the applications in “to be reviewed more” pile and that is what they are going thru now. It seems players like Embery-Simoson and Vanover ended up in that second pile.and the second pile is getting looked at now.

I seem to remember reading that around 60 percent of waivers were approved last year. If that holds, and Jeff Goodman’s numbers are correct, I suspect you are going to see a lot of denials handed out in the next week. Based on Goodman’s numbers, 86 percent of requests have been approved so far.

As I thought and Matt Jones also pointed out, NCAA is now on a streak of denying waivers.

In this case, it maybe a matter of Mike Anderson carrying over Arkansas bad luck (yes stuff like this happens to Arkansas) to St. John’s since both of the waivers they were counting on got denied, but the last one today is really strange.

Rasheem Dunn who transferred from Cleveland State got denied because Cleveland State AD told NCAA not to grant it because he didn’t think Rasheem should have transferred. And get this, SJ had filed for a waiver based on the fact that Cleveland State fired their coach and Rasheem had already sat out last year.

So this kid has to sit two years while some others were granted immediate eligibility after starting the entire season last year.

So, as far as Vanover is concerned, there is no way to apply the logic of who has been granted a waiver and who hasn’t, to Vanover case and make a prediction.

It is just whatever they want to do.

Well I would hope that waivers are not based on a quota but on the facts/merits of each case.

Based on what you posted, it appears to me that Dunn may have a good legal case against the Cleveland St AD and the NCAA if he wanted to sue both. The Cleveland St AD for trying to blackball him from playing basketball. And, the NCAA for denying his case based on the AD’s request rather than the merits of his waiver request.