My Take on Title Game

I went back and forth on who would win for about four days. I think maybe Sunday was when I made my first pick: Alabama. But I changed my mind yesterday morning after reading something about Clemson and those defensive linemen and the young offensive skilled players Dabo has assembled. I switched to Clemson. I made that pick with some commentary on Bo Mattingly’s show after every one else on the show had picked Alabama. I really felt Clemson would win going into the game. I like everything about how Dabo does things at Clemson. He has amazing continuity with his staff. Many are Clemson guys. I also just love that Terry Don Phillips was at the root of all of this, hiring Dabo and making the commitment to jump salaries of key assistant coaches to keep them all together. I admire and appreciate Christian Wilkins, the leader of that awesome defense. And, I suspect that the freshman quarterback is one of the all-time greats.

The other part of the pick is that I have always felt it was darn near impossible to go wire to wire as the No. 1 team. That’s what Alabama was trying to do. I don’t think Alabama’s defense, in particular the secondary, is in the same class of recent Alabama backfields. And, in big games, I have always been taught to go with defense over offense. Now, it’s not like I expected Clemson to stone them the last three quarters like it did. I thought it might be more scoring. But Alabama’s decision to try to hammer away with the run played into Clemson’s hands in the red zone. No one has run in the red zone against Clemson with that defensive front.

I guess you always want to be right so I enjoyed the title game. I thought ESPN’s coverage was terrific. I was driving for the first quarter so I didn’t see that part of the game. I listened to ESPN’s radio version and it was good, too.

It was really surprising how ineffective the Bama DL was at rushing the passer. Williams still made some plays in the running game, but the DL neither got to the QB or occupied the OL enough to allow blitzing LBs and DBs to get home.

I agree. I think the Clemson OL was the MVP.

I was amazed that it appeared numerous times that the Bama O-line would get caught “Watching” as a Clemson player ran right past them.

Imo Bama got away from the run game too much they were averaging almost five yards a carry I think they should have stuck with that and then hit the short move the chains passes instead of trying to hit the homerun all the time. Venables did an awesome job of attacking Alabama he did it exactly where you have to do and that pressure to and to throwing it too quickly. you can’t sit back there and let him throw he will kill you. Venables came after him with good timely blitzes and the bamaonline missed a lot of easy pickups and had him off guard I hope chavis saw this and will implement some of that into our game plan I know we don’t have the d-line yet but you can still blitz cornerbacks and things like that.Clemson played an almost perfect game one penalty and no turnovers they played the game of their life just when they had to they were definitely the better team win last night.

I thought BV the defensive coordinator was terrific.

The ability to line up and show 1 type of coverage then change to a different coverage after the ball was snapped really messed with Tua. He didn’t know where the secondary was going to be.

The types and creativity of the blitzes was perfect.

I spoke with a Clemson fan this morning and he said they had not played that type of coverage or blitz package much all year. He thought it was something BV put in for the game.

Also goes to show that Dabo made a good call with the QB change during the year to the true freshman Lawrence… Which sent KB packing

I thought there should be split MVPs - the Clemson defense and their WRs. There were 3 or 4 throws their freshman QB made that would have been incomplete or intercepted if he was throwing to our group of receivers. Those throws all led to Clemson TDs. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many spectacular catches in a college or NFL game. Clemson’s freshman receiver from Alabama probably had the number 1 and 2 “ESPN plays of the week”. Obviously their freshman QB is a once in a decade phenom, but without a doubt, a few of those throws were complete only because of spectacular catches.

Your whole statement is on the mark. But the same could be said of many of the catches made by the Bama receivers throughout the year. As impressive as Tua was, his receivers were outstanding.

Both QBs in the NCG are incredible talents and (barring injury) will only improve in the future.)

Go back and look at the catches the Clemson WRs made against Notre Dame. They were just as good as last night. They apparently do that on a regular basis. They win most of the 50-50 balls.

That’s what stood out to me. Looked like men among boys.

And the Clemson WR’s are still young boys/men.