My take on the Arkansas Student Athletes Publicity Rights Act (column)


I wish they wouldn’t “regulate” it. Will only hurt workers. Otherwise, this has been a long time coming

Thanks for the recap for all of us but especially those of us out of state.

Being of the close-to-octogenarian persuasion, I am naive enough to still wish that folks could accept that the athletes do receive compensation in the form of a paid-for education. However, I know that such is not even remotely possible in today’s world, so I fully embrace your position

With that said, it doesn’t take a wild imagination to expect some future tidbits from the Dept of Unexpected (Ignored) Consequences:

Within 2 years ofter passage of this bill, the most common sight on elementary school campuses will be the Jimmy Sextons of the world, closely perusing jungle gym activities, dodgeball games and such.

There probably will also be classes added at the 5th and 6th grade levels about signing options with agents.

Oh, the “runners” are already here and have been for awhile. Not as prevalent as some other schools, but here nevertheless.

I think Arkansas does a solid job of educating its student athletes in this area

Aloha DD,

Could you please consider doing an article about this “underworld” of runners and agents and what the UA is doing about it? It’s something I know nothing about. Would be nice to have some light shed on it. I am sure you, RD and others see a lot of it.


Consider yes.

Slippery slope.

It would probably be best for me to help someone who does investigations as his/here expertise.

I’ll just says this - the top high school and college kids are always seemingly making new friends.


Yeah, I’ve said the same thing. I think it’s only fair to let these players profit from their own names, image, & likeness, but I, too, fear some unintended consequences we won’t like. I’m not saying those unintended consequences outweigh the need for the change, but I do expect we’ll have some unpleasant ones.

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Since this seems to be a state by state legislative enactment, I assume they can be amended as needed in the future just to keep up with the Jones next door.
What guideline is each state following when enacting these new student athlete compensation laws/rules?
Is it in black and white who and how much the 3rd parties can pay or is it limitless?
Is the NCAA (Board of Governors) regulating this to prevent the Alabamas, Texas, California, Florida, etc. from providing higher compensations to obtain top recruits?

Maybe I’m off base or overthinking this one.

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