My take on Greenville

I was there Friday. And watched on TV Sunday. Was very proud of our team. And of everyone representing the U of A, our band did the National Anthem on Friday and did a sterling job. Wish I could say the refereeing was as sterling. But it did not win us the game on Friday (the Flagrant 1 call was the correct call–I was calling for it from the upper deck, as that is what a two hand shove in the back with no attempt to at the ball warrants-- but did not know if the refs would have the guts to call it. And they missed a travelling call on us at the beginning of the possession, so we at least got the benefit there of faulty officiating) and although there was plenty to complain about, it did not cost us the game on Sunday (although Berry either travelled or charged near the end of the game, and nothing was called). Having seen UNC all year (I live in Chapel Hill), I can say they are better than us (Kingsley was great, especially against Seton Hall, but we do not have UNC’s depth and talent inside), but we are very good too and we played our hearts out. Wish we’d had fewer turnovers and shot a bit better, but nobody’s perfect, not even the referees. Regardless, although it would have been wonderful beating UNC and playing in front of our fans in Memphis, it was still an awesome weekend for Arkansas basketball. Now (for me) it’s on to rooting for UNC to win the rest of the Tourney and rooting for throat slashing Kentucky to get humbled (although I do wish Monk well–in the pros. And I do relish memories of seeing his brother in person make some great catches–at South Carolina, and at the SEC Championship game, both right before halftime).

I’m a bit less charitable about Sunday’s officiating than you, but I suppose we could have done a bit better & kept those calls from making a difference.

I have no doubt UNC is the better team, or would be the better team most of the time in head to head competition with us. However, I thought we were the better team Sunday. At least we were the better team for all but the first 17 minutes. Not that it matters. It’s a 40 minute game & by the end we were spent & UNC wasn’t spent. Plus it had 8 players on the court at once even if three were wearing stripes rather than blue & white jerseys.

Thanks for your observations. Good ones. One thing is apparent to me. All fans are proud of this team.

2 great posts. We should all be proud of this team.

For those longing to see good old Arkansas effort, you got that with this team most of the season and throughout the two tournaments.

Kudos to the coaches and kids.

Great posts. I like to focus more on how well we played and represented than what the refs did or did not do, but I can’t disagree with anything posted.

With 3:28 left you have to keep scoring and stay aggressive. Your thought about refs is taken but they called a foul on Adrio for the reach on his steal and we had a fast break chance. They swilled their whistle on one end! Arkansas 8 Free throws for the game. North Carolina 25 Free throws for the game. That’s pitiful and wrong.
I’m proud of our team and the reason the calls went the way they did was money!
We were the better team playing 5 on 8!
Reminded me of the UCLA game and hero Dollar!
I hope North Carolina and Kentucky get beat this weekend.
Our hogs deserved a fair shake from those 3 refs whom did a horrible job!

My wife’s family are all big UNC fans. Except one Miami grad who is a big Hurricanes fan. And his license plate is actually “UNC8on5”.