My Take on DC Hire

We are all wringing our hands about this hire & rightfully so. More importantly though I think is how we finish this recruiting class on the defensive side of the ball. Robb Smith was a better DC when he had Philon, Speight & Flowers, so I think the old adage of having better “Jimmys & Joes” instead of Xs & O’s is more critical right now. Im more worried about upgrading our defensive roster than I am about one D.C. I’d love to see someone hired with recruiting success in Texas.

Most coaches at this level are sound fundamentally so I think much of our problem the last two years was talent. And can the next guy “coach them up?” because we historically haven’t outrecruited LSU, Bama, Auburn, etc.

I’d rather have a splash ending to this recruiting class than a splash hire for D.C.

This is a very good post form a fellow hog fan.

I just wonder if we don’t make hires if it will be used against us in recruiting and effect us in a negative manner. Like cost us some defensive recruits ??

It seems as if coach B has identified the prospects he wants to close on, now let’s see if he can do that… I know Recruiting is a blood bath, teams will use anything and everything they can by NCAA law I hope to win!

We will probably know something after Monday night’s team meeting.
I assume we will have Rhoads as DC and Partridge will come on eventually.

Yeah but without Philon, Flowers and Spaight you shouldn’t plummet to the bottom half of defensive teams in NCAA. Robb Smith wasn’t putting players in position to be successful. How many times do you have to hear we didn’t set the edge or we were not gap sound before you fix it. With 9 players returning on defense we regressed and that just can’t happen.

Well-said Brother! (Could have been a good defensive scheme, but not for the players that we had?)

This last season was about decisions and their consequences.

Decisions are funny things. Sometimes you can be right, but for all the wrong reasons. Other times you can be wrong, but for all the right reasons.

What happened is forever etched in stone. What may happen
is a moving target in fog.

The recruits in last year’s class will have a bigger impact than from this year’s class. The good news is that there are 9-10 players in last year’s class that will have an impact this spring and in the fall. Four DL, four LBs in the front, 2-3 in the secondary. I also think you’ll see three from last year’s injury list have a big impact in the coming season – Britto Tutt, Kevin Richardson and Dre Greenlaw. I do think you will see some of the DBs in the coming class figure into the rotation in the coming year.

It is great timing to have somebody else prepared to reassemble this roster into a defense.

Among Brown, Curtis, Hernandez, McClellion and Munson (maybe more), I have no idea who might be able to help this fall. Hernandez has the advantage of going through spring practices.

Same deal with midterm recruit LB Kyrei Fisher.

I’m thinking that the CBs are going to be more like CBs, the safeties more like safeties, in the near future.

At LB it seems the Hogs will be forced to play players who are faster than Brooks Ellis was, because the available linebackers pretty much are.

I don’t know whether Arkansas can make the available players fit into a 3-4, but I sure hope we do not end up playing a 4-3 with no rush ends again. Last year’s was one of the most passive defenses Arkansas has ever fielded. Only 34 tackles for losses that weren’t sacks. That’s not even three per game.

Two years ago, Arkansas’s tackles for losses other than sacks = 57. That’s a long ways from 34.

This is what I have been focused upon for our Spring camp, and this is why I was excited about Rhodes as he knew all of these players +/-

Greenlaw’s recent surgery may limit his spring practice time, but we already know what he can do.