My take on Colgate

Muss needs, and will win, this game. And he probably wins it by 20+. This is Seth Davis’s upset special, and according to Draft Kings, Colgate is the most popular team to spring an upset. Here’s the thing…Muss doesn’t lose when he has 4 days or more to prepare. Colgate has played 4 teams over and over to a 14-1 record. I’m not impressed, considering their lack of quality opposition. The most important thing is Colgate has not faced the athletes they will face tomorrow, and I guarantee Muss has let every player know how much they have been disrespected nationally. I predict Muss will earn his raise this weekend, and we will be in good hands again going forward. Go Hogs!


I agree 100%.

I don 't think effort will be a problem. But IMO here’s the deal how many times have we left the stadium, or on TV for FB OR BB game and said or thought “Mercy” that team was a lot better than I ever thought. Their passing skill were off the charts. And then man can those guys shoot 3’s? Hands down a much better team than I thought.

On our side Muss has been ready with this much time. MUSS, The fans, The State NEEDS this win.
The players need this win also. I think coach Muss is a winner. Not sure about all his movement but he knows hot to coach. Since Eddie we have looked for a coach that wins but also teaches REBOUNDING. All the fundamental part to BB. I’m not sure Muss has seen a top 10 match up with almost 20,000 screaming fans.

We need this win. Even National press coverage will hit from coast to coast. If we lose next will be "WHEN can Muss ever make up for that Citadel loss last year?

Come on Hogs lets go. WPS

I think we’ll win. I also think that any team with Colgate’s record is pretty good, pretty confident, and not necessarily an easy out, regardless of their opposition during the season. First round games can be a little nerve wracking anyway. If I recall, the year we won the National Championship the first round game went down to the wire.

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The thing you mention about DraftKings makes me mad. That means the general population is going along with it.

I get it. We’ve got to prove we’re back. I think we will.

I don’t believe anyone outside of Arkansas realizes how important JWill is for us. I’d argue he’s become the third most important player on the team. Our defense is a monster with him on the court.

I think having JWill and a week of rest will propel us to the Sweet 16.

In 1994 (the NC year) wewon the first game easily

You are thinking of 95 when we barely escaped the first round. I think it was Texas Southern?

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Exactly how I feel. 20+ point win. Maybe close to 30.

Will they get some spot up threes? Of course they, will but fewer than they are accustomed to. The Hogs will play man and be able to switch at all positions if they want too. This will lead to fewer spot up threes by their secondary scorers. On the flip side there is no way they stay with our guards. As long as we don’t have a slew of unforced turnovers we win this game.

I think the Hogs win handily by pulling away in the second half. I feel we’ll dominate the offensive boards and make them pay inside. WPS!

Good point. During their regular season they did not play a team that stood better than 150th in 3 point defense %. Their league opponents were more like the absolute bottom of the SEC in 3 pt defense. Moreover, they didn’t play their own league opponents that stood at #2, #3, or #4, until once in their tourney.

My view is the Hogs just need to play real tough defense, which they’re quite capable of doing.

I’m with Jeremy. Their body of work against the same teams doesn’t really impress me. Now, it would if that was across many teams but goodness, they played the same teams over and over.

We need our shooters to get hot in the tourney!

We will score a 100 and beat them by at least 20. No way they can stop us from scoring.

This will be like Loyola Marymount in 1989 where Nolan ran them out of the gym, 120 - 101.

I agree… we are bigger, more athletic and better coached. If they played our schedule, they wouldn’t be a .500 team. Time to start the run…

I hope not. I was at the game two days later when we played Louisville. Our players were dead-legged. I remember Lee Mayberry said it was 90 minutes after the LMU game before he could produce enough urine for the NCAA-mandated drug test; he was that dehydrated by racing up and down the floor (maybe Dave England should have given them all IVs).

I must admit I’m a little nervous about this game. I think we’ll dominate the boards, but I worry about officiating. If they call it tight we may get ourselves in foul trouble. WPS!!

Get them down early and don’t let up, stay focused and play hard the complete game. 20 point win sounds good. WPS

I anticipate us puling away in the second half too. Which makes me nervous…for my own nervous system. Every second this game is close I will probably be on the verge of a heart attack. Losing this gamewould be super bad for the optics ofour rebuild. Gotta, GOTTA get this one.

I think this will be more nerve-wracking than any of us would like: a single digit lead going into the final three minutes expanded to a double-digit win by free throws made.

Won by 18 but not the way you were expecting. But I don’t think we ran our legs off like we did in '89 either.

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