My take on booing

The fact that fans booed as Cole Kelly took the field Saturday has become quite the topic of conversation. On my way back to Charleston yesterday (what a long tedious drive from Bull Shoals to Charleston if you go south through Birmingham. Its a little quicker but BORING. I much prefer going through Tennessee and Asheville) I listened to all the sports talk I could. Drove my wife and daughter crazy doing it.

To me, the issue of booing and whether a fan should do it is real simple. Does said fan care more about expressing their frustration and even anger in that very moment (aka venting and letting the world know "I am unhappy right now) OR does said fan care more about seeing the situation improve?

If its A–then boo ahead.

If its B–Then I say DON’T boo. Booing is not going to help recruiting. Trust me. Recruiting is a very precarious situation when you aren’t a super power. ANYTHING can sway a recruit or their parents. Even after they have committed. Booing isn’t going to sway the coaching staff, nor the administration in their decision-making. (Unless they are some weak, weak willed people). It really helps nothing…other than possibly making said fan feel empowered in the moment.

If you want to help the program, and see things improve–don’t boo. Rather, if you are really really upset write a well-articulated letter. To someone high up. Those usually are read by someone…and may make it to whom you want to communicate with.

And…recruits won’t know that happened. Neither will the national audience. You will have expressed your displeasure. In a productive way. Not a hurtful way.

I thank God I have never been booed on stage. In 50 years of performing. But I know those that have. It hurts. And I feel for Cole Kelly–who heard those boos as being aimed at him, I am sure. Regardless of whom they were actually aimed.