My take is different

Not overwhelmed, not underwhelmed, not even whelmed, or whatever those terms mean. I just flat out like it! Why? Because the players love Paul and wanted him to be their overseer. That’s the best reason. The recruits’ parents love Paul. Despite what you see posted on this forum Paul was not the cause of the D’s failures. The main cause has been extracted. Gone. At first I wanted the DC at another school, but when I did research and checking around, I found that the players loved playing for him and that he provided the stability they needed inside athletics and outside. Good choice, Bret.

Nice comment…classy.

We can speculate all we want. My attitude is “SHOW ME” and that won’t happen until this fall when we actually play games. I won’t believe any preseason hype.

If he can rebuild and restore us to a tough hard nose defense like we once were, as a Hog fan I’ll be forever grateful. There shouldn’t be a lot of pressure there only one way to go from here and that’s up, I think we hit the bottom of the barrel earlier. I hope he displays early in next season that he is capable of making adjustments during the game to counteract opposing offense. Congratulations Mr Rhoads! WPS

You make excellent points. He is not the culprit of the def woes as you are so correct to say. I would add that the players love him because they trust his knowledge and his accountability. Rhoads is superior to anyone considering he has been here for a year. Rhoads knows the strengths and weaknesses of all of the players, as well as what has been tried good and bad. He will have knowledge that makes him more able to put the right players in the right spots quickly. We need someone that has the highest potential to improve this Defense in the Spring. I hear rumors of us using a combo of 4-3 and 3-4 next season as a way to keep teams off balance as other teams have done.

CBB planned for the possibility of this happening when he hired Paul, IMHO. We were coming off a big drop defensively in 2015. When Paul was available, CBB jumped at the chance to add a coach with a great record as a DC as insurance in case our D declined further. I imagine about half way through this past season, was when CBB made his decision that the “possibility” had become the reality and Paul was going to become his DC.

I believe, when Diaco became available, CBB hoped to be able to hire him as a co-DC, with responsibility for implementing the 3-4 defense. But, I believe the decision that Paul would become the Hogs’ DC was made by CBB during the latter stages of this past season. We still may see the hiring of a co-DC, or an assistant defensive coach, with experience in a 3-4 defense.

If that is what happened, and it is only my opinion, I am very comfortable and happy that Paul was promoted to our DC. I expect to see considerable improvement in our defense next season.

Paul Rhoads has solid experience. It was a good hire last spring and it’s still a good hire. There is potential for Paul to be a very good defensive coordinator. I know he’s been active in recruiting. Those that have been in the recruiting room (at meals, etc.), say that he’s been the most active coach on the staff in that room. The players know that and respect that. They know that he realizes that they need to attract better players. That’s his experience as a head coach showing through. He had to be the most active in recruiting and it’s just second nature.