My take FWIW

Mike Anderson is a good recruiter.
Mike and the rest of his staff are poor coaches.

We are 16-5 NOT because of how well our team is coached, but DESPITE of how poorly it is coached. We have some incredible talent up and down that roster, including some solid defenders and great scorers. Just imagine how great this team would be if they had some solid direction from the bench.

  1. I see our screens set up around the arc, but then I see the ball handlers go wide of the screen EVERY TIME and let the defender pass by untouched. Other teams never have to switch on screens.

  2. How many times today did we throw it around or dribble it around outside the arc until the 30 second clock was below 10 before the ballhandler then tried to go one on one toward the hole for a contested shot?

  3. OSU’s coach prides himself on how many points he get up off his sets on inbounds plays. Have you seen that ONCE this season with the Hogs?

  4. When asked about the press philosophy, coach simply said, “We let them do what they want to do out there.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That is what it looks like, but to ADMIT THAT??? Just WOW. How many opposing team’s wide open dunks and layups can you get before you abandon that?

  5. While we are at it, when has it ever been sound defensively to come off a screen with a double team on a point guard in the open floor. How many dunks and layups must you give up before you abandon that?

Thankfully, I quit watching with 4 minutes left in the first half so that I didn’t have to endure that TORTURE.

BTW, I had these exact same thoughts during the Vandy game, but our athleticism and aggression pulled it out. It was not the coaching.


You do realize we only have 2 guys on our roster that was 4-star players coming out of high school right (Beard and Kingsley)? Everybody else was 3-stars or un-ranked coming out of high school. You listen to any analyst when they talk about CMA they say he specializes in player development and getting the most out of players. You don’t develop and get better without good coaching. You can’t name a single player that has regressed under this staff that stayed 4 years.

You can say you don’t like the play style or don’t like CMA’s coaching style, but when you say stuff like we are 16-5 despite our coaching, you lose all credibility and you start to show your agenda. You don’t bad coach your way into a 16-5 record in a P5 conference with 8 newcomers and a class that ESPN didn’t even rank. Brachen Hazen was the only player they ranked. And he doesn’t even play.

So what is your explanation of getting blown out by a middle of the road team?

The same explanation for NC getting blown out today by a “middle of the road Miami team”. It happens in college basketball all the time. We played awful today, but the only way this game does extensive damage to our season is if the players carry it over to the rest of the SEC schedule. Put it behind us and we’ll be fine the rest of the way.

Ummm, I don’t know. A bad game, like every other team in the nation has from time to time?

Serious question, do some of you guys only watch Arkansas basketball and not watch any other games? I’m not trying to be condescending, but from the way some of you talk, it appears like you don’t really follow much college basketball.

You look within the SEC/Big 12 tournament today, Tennessee, beat Kansas State handily at home who everyone projects as a NCAA tournament team. And Tennessee is a bottom tier SEC team that we beat @Tennessee a couple weeks ago. The final score shows 12 points, but Tennessee dominated Kansas State the entire game, it wasn’t even close. Vandy handled a Iowa State team that’s currently projected as an 8 seed. Sometimes teams just don’t shoot the ball well and have a bad night, that’s why the NCAA selection committee looks at your ENTIRE RESUME and not just one game.

You’re absolutely right, but you’re fighting a losing battle–kinda like the Hogs were from the start, today.

Kentucky lost against Kansas, and Tennessee who we beat. Mighty Duke has lost games this year to bad teams. FSU lost also. It happens, even to the good teams. Hogs aren’t on an island by themselves.

I like this team and the overall ability. A comment for what it is worth - every Power 5 team we have played this year has at least one player who would be the best player on our team.

I gotta ask who on these teams would be the best player on our team?



#1. I have NO AGENDA. I really like coach Anderson personally. Have played hoops with him many times. But he needs help coaching. I’d actually like to see him hire an assistant who can develop offensive an defensive sets better than Mike, for those times when we don’t fast break. Instead, it seems like you have to have played under him to get a job (4 assistants that I can name). I’ve said before that it is blatant nepotism on that coaching staff; nothing good ever comes of that. I never said I want him fired.

#2. I listed 5 specific things this team does that I purport to be related to poor coaching. And yet you answered ZERO of them. Instead, you went off on the player development tangent. Again, I LOVE our players; they have incredible talent. But for the sake of argument, you could attribute their “development” to many other things other than good coaching; like, playing against good competition in practice, or even just getting faster, stronger, and more skilled with age. So Blu, let’s take just one of my points: How do YOU explain the double teaming of a point guard in the open floor who hasn’t picked up his dribble??? I dare you to examine how many times we have gotten turnovers in those situations compared to how many layups or dunks the other team has had.

#3. I never said I don’t like Anderson’s “play style” or his “coaching style.” I only addressed his coaching ability. In fact, I really enjoy his uptempo game and run and gun approach; and I think he operates a very clean program with a high level of integrity. But I will stand by my assertion that we should be winning by much wider margins and have fewer losses with the level of talent we have on the court/bench.

Please simply state your points and refrain from slanderous accusations, like your “agenda” remark.

I just thought of this analogy, which might help express my frustration.

When Houston Nutt coached our team, there were so many things regarding gameplay (play-calling, timeout usage, clock management, etc.) that would drive me crazy when I watched those games. We won a lot of games in many of those years, but I always thought it was despite his coaching.

Then when Bobby Petrino came along (and I am no Petrino apologist; he should have gone), if we lost a game, I at least knew it wasn’t because we got outcoached on the field; there was some other reason, like the players just didn’t perform well enough, we didn’t have enough talent, etc. Petrino almost always called games like I would have called them and managed the clock and timeouts adeptly.

With Anderson, I see so many things about the coaching that I would do differently. Even when we end up winning, it’s so hard for me to watch because I just want to scream at the screen when we are double-teaming their guards in the open court and not coming tight off our screens on offense, things our kids need to be coached to do correctly.

Hope this helps explain my frustration. For the record, I am optimistic that we will make the NCAAT this year. And hopefully do well.

I’m going to be honest, I stop reading after you said you play hoops with coach Anderson. If you’re on that type of level with him, maybe you should give him some coaching tips next time your guarding him. That’s kinda shady if what you’re saying is actually true. Who comes and bashes someone they play hoops with on a message board.

And as far your last sentence, which is the only other thing I read in your post, you do realize you are on an Arkansas Razorback Fan Board correct? When you come on here and bash the head basketball coach and slander him by saying he can’t coach (when he’s never had a losing season in 15 years) there may be some backlash and people that think you have an agenda.

I gotta ask who on these teams would be the best player on our team?

-Missouri - ummmm, yeah that’s a stretch
-Texas - Jarret Allen, give the kid a year, and you’d agree (we are talking about this year, right)
-Tennessee - Robert Hubbs
-Vanderbilt - Fisher-Davis, may not be the best on our team, but he’d be in the top three, and with our talent around him, he may be even better than we’d assume.

Yea, we’re talking about this year.

Jarrett Allen is better pro prospect, but not a better college player than Moses. They have identical stats right now, and Moses does it on a better team with more scoring competition, and Moses is also a much better shooter. On that Texas team Moses would probably average close to 20 PPG, especially now that Mack is suspended. Moses would be their #1 scoring option for sure.

As far as Robert Hubbs, you could put Hannahs, Kingsley or Macon on that team and they’d be the leading scorer. Hubbs is a product of them not really having much else, their team reminds me of ours last year, they just play hard with not a lot of talent and depth. Hubbs has to put up big scoring numbers by default because they don’t have many scorers, they lost their 3rd leading scorer a few weeks ago.

Allen isn’t a C, he is a 4. Think about that, he’d play beside Moses. The attention Moses receives would allow Allen, to be our best inside guy with both scoring and rebounding. Because of that he would be considered our best player. It would be similar to Perry and Gafford, they aren’t gonna both be 5’s.

I think you’re mistaken on Hubbs, he was one of, if not their top player last year to. He’s better than Hannahs all around (Hannahs is a better shooter), and Macon may be as good or better next year, but right now Hubbs would be in our starting five and probably our leading scorer. - Edit - yes I’m aware of Punter and Moore, both good players, but Hubbs drew a lot of attention away from them, kind of like Macon, he didn’t score yesterday, but Okie Light wasn’t given him a chance to beat them

Hubbs would not be the leading scorer on our team. He’s only averaging 15 PPG on the team who doesn’t have a lot of scorers and he plays 32 MPG, and only averaged 10 PPG on a horrible Tennessee team last year. Hannahs averages 14 PPG in 24 MPG on a team that almost has 5 guys averaging double figure in scoring on a much better team. Macon averages 13 PPG in 25 MPG. If you gave those guys 32 MPG, both would probably average 17 or 18 PPG. You guys are settling our players short, if all these teams had better players than us, they would have a better record. More games than not we have the best player or players on the floor.

I’m not selling our players short, you selling those other guys short. You claim to watch a lot of basketball, but you are saying that the guy who scores the most points is the best player on a team. That’s not always true

What? I didn’t say that at all. That’s what your saying. You’re saying Hubbs would be the leading scorer on our team, because he’s the leading scorer of a mediocre Tennessee team. That makes no sense at all. Moses Kingsley is the best player on our team and he’s our 3rd leading scorer. I would put Macon as a close second. and he’s the second leading scorer. Scoring doesn’t have anything to do with how good or bad a player is, I’ve never said that. Anybody can score on a bad team. Anthlon Bell averaged 16 PPG last year, and I don’t think he’s all that great of a player.

My whole point is Moses Kingsley is the best player on the court the majority of games we play and this whole notion that other team’s best player is better than our best player is false. Coaches voted him SEC player of the year, because he impacts games on both offensive and defensive end and there’s not many 6’10 guys that can do everything he does. He’s not a projected 2nd round pick this year for nothing.

What? That’s not what I said. I said Hubbs is better than Dusty, and with the better talent around him he would be our leading scorer. Has nothing to do with him leading TN.

I disagree Moses is the best player on our team. Don’t get me wrong, he is a good player and one of our top guys, but both Macon and Barford are better IMO. Allen would benefit from those three playing with him and would be considered our best player.

Both Hubbs and Allen would benefit more being on our team, than our guys would being on TN/Texas. Do you honestly not think if either or both of those guys were on our team they wouldn’t be starting alongside Macon, Barford, and Moses?

LOL, that’s exactly what you said. Now your trying to change the story.

And the coaches who voted on the all pre-season SEC teams seem to think Dusty and Moses are better. I’ll assume they know what they are talking about. … -announced

And Baked, hope you don’t take it personal, your one of posters who i respect your opinion a lot, but I gotta disagree with you on this one.