My son and I toured UA last weekend

he’s a hs senior looking at lots of colleges. I always wanted to go far, far from home for college, he just wants to go somewhere warm and pretty with hot girls, so his list is UA, Tx, Georgia, Bama, Ole Mrs. He mentioned A&M and Auburn and I made it very clear that not $.01 of my money will ever go to either of those schools, much less my oldest son!

LR Thursday was about 98 degrees. Arrived in Nam in time to meet friends at Vetro 1925 or whatever it’s called, had a NICE dinner. checked into Johnson Mill, cool place. Met more friends for breakfast Saturday 7am at the Village Inn, made it to campus for tour starting 8:30.

And I just fall in love with Fayetteville all over again. Every time I go to that town, I wonder why in the world I don’t live there. The hills, the trees, the air, just everything. Saturday was 65 degrees, overcast, I was ready to go trick or treating, it felt like a wonderful fall day. Found my parents’ names on the walk of fame. The campus has REALLy grown up since my childhood, normally I don’t like my old places growing up, but for Nam it’s been a great growth. It’s even more appealing now, yet still funky and laid back. Bentonville is a little too nice for me, a little too sterile (not that I wouldn’t love to live there!), and Nam is just perfect.

The tour was great. UA really does a great job showing off their colleges, a great job preparing students to be on scholarship and do research and travel abroad. You get the strong sense that they really want your kids to succeed so they can brag about them.

Another family from St Louis had been to a lot of colleges, and a family from Broken arrow (the son plays for BA, currently ranked #1 in OK)…both raved about the presentation, said it was by far the best they had seen. A 3rd family had just come back from Cornell and Colorado State, also said UA had the best presentation.

I just mention all this to say that we have a University and a part of our state that is really worth bragging about. It’s easy to focus on the football team’s struggles, but that UA has SO MUCH going for it, academically, baseball, basketball, women’s sports, research, etc. Very proud of our favorite school.

I suddenly want my son to go there so I can buy a house there…may need to “check on him” weekly lol

And remember no matter what happens Saturday, the Aggies still have to go back to College Station!


Great post - helps put things in perspective.

Hope your son ends up going there - for your sake! Well, he’ll enjoy it as well.

I was born there. My Dad rode a bike 13 miles from Bethel Grove ( anybody hear of that place?) to the square to work. I am amazed at what time has done to our City and Campus. Actually I don’t know why I don’t move to NWS even today. I’m afraid my 2200 sq ft house will not get me my return as my house is now. Circle Drive 190,000 bucks or so. Might not in the eyes of some, but after a put in a 2 gear outside unit , new heat and air , I decided this is Home.

The young man should sure give it a try. Get that name on the walk. IMO SOMEDAY we are going to bust through the wall and the UofA will be paid it’s dues, beauty to sports.

Sounds like the kind of kid we want in the program, and the kind of parent too.

Get that name on the walk. That will never be regretted. I have mine there twice an am very proud of both (have to go by and check every once in a while - The N has a broken spot on it by the way). Nothing has severved me better than those 2 Degrees and those 8 years (and they did play football during that time - really big, big time football - thanks Frank for not believing that poor little Arkansas crap).

Since my name was etched in the sidewalk the U of A has grown tremendously. It’s an awesome town with a rich history.

I’m proud to say that my 3 daughters names are etched in the sidewalk as well.

Good luck to your son!

I loved my time there and I plan on moving back up there in 2-3 years after my son graduates from HS. I’m hopeful he’ll go there as well. My step daughter is wrapping up her 4 years there now in the Honors College. She’s been on the Dean’s List every year. Fayetteville is a special place and to this day I can’t top the hill coming up 540 without getting a little misty eyed. WPS!

I can relate as my daughter has recently toured the campus this summer. I was very proud.

I began going to Fayetteville in 1964 when my oldest brother entered college. I spent my summers there while in high school-66, 67, 68 and then after I graduated from high school, summer of 69, then four years of college with summer of 70 also spent there. The feeling of the hills, the maple trees in the fall, the campus, Dickson Street, the many recreational opportunities in the immediate area all bring back memories that are long lasting and why I still think of Fayetteville as a home base, even though I haven’t been there more than six times in the last 45 years. I’ll be there again next month and will once again walk down memory lane, take in the grandeur of the new stadium, the wild pig statue/monument, and call the hogs with my fellow Razorbacks.

To quote a song, “We all dream of leaving, but wind up in the end, Spending all our time trying to get back home again…”

I am a convert, but love Arkansas, Fayetteville, and the University.

I love it there too. The only reason I don’t live there now is the fact that you have to pay state income taxes, personal property taxes, and a few other taxes that I don’t agree with…for the same services that you can receive in TN, TX, and FL. Those I only live in those states (now TN). Otherwise I’d live right next to campus in good old Fayetteville

I’ve yet to find a state government that didn’t get it’s money from their citizens, they all generate revenue from some tax form or another. And to add to the others, loved my time on the Hill, my kids are 4th generation graduates, and hopefully #3 will do so as well.

Tennessee has personal property tax.

Funny how people don’t want to pay taxes but take away the services that those taxes pay for and they scream bloody murder. The federal government can print/borrow infinite amounts of money. State and local governments can’t. The money has to come from somewhere.

I lived in Texas for 15 years. No income taxes, but the real estate tax was brutal. Overall tax burden was slightly less than Arkansas but not much. Texas gets away with it because oil and gas production provides a huge chunk of the state’s revenue. Without a fossil fuel industry, Tennessee hits you with sales taxes.

I read somewhere this week that Fayetteville has passed Fort Smith and is now the state’s second largest city, getting close to 90,000 population. Current rate of growth would put it over 100,000 within five or six years.

I love his priorities. Hot girls!!

Papa has to be proud.

U of A use to (and probably still does, but I would not know now) rank very high in the “Hot Girls” catagory. That is extremely important to 18 year old males, a very good recruiting tool as well, but the whole SEC is very strong in that area. Back when ABC had the NCAA football package (1 except for the very rare 2 games per week), they had what they called “Honey Shots”. You can guess what those were. At the end of each season, the camera guys would take a vote on which school was the easiest to get those shots. The UofA always came in the top 5 and was 1 or 2 most times it was done (we also had top 5 football teams). Hands down they said the SW and the SE conferences were the best for that. Got to love those sweet talking southern ladies! Makes an old man cry.

My daughter and I both have our names on the walk. It is indeed a source of pride.

Was your daughter a “Hot Girl”?

Apparently that is an important part of the male college experience.