My remote control is smoking

Trying to watch softball, Phil, and the Lakers.

I don’t care about basketball, so I have Hog softball on the larger screen (with sound) and the PGA on the smaller TV with captions.

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I think you mean you don’t care about the NBA, Marty. I bet you love Hog hoops.:relaxed:

Well, that’s certainly true! But I’m not interested in basketball unless the
Hogs are playing.


well I had to watch hockey and hope the hometown preds came thru for my Lightning (they did). anybody clarify the Autumn Storms clubhouse injury?

I enjoyed all of it today, especially Lakers losing​:joy::joy:

I have never liked Mickelson, not going to start now. I’ve always felt he was a self-centered phony (yeah, all pro golfers are self centered, but most have learned to at least put on a facade). That hasn’t changed. So I wasn’t tempted to watch the PGA this weekend.

As for Autumn Storms, Deifel said she twisted her ankle in the dugout after the first inning. I didn’t think she was throwing that badly; our Keystone Kops defense caused the Stanford three-run inning. But Haff certainly came to the rescue and the defense settled down. Got a little scary in the seventh with the tying run at the plate, but Haff got the popup to end it.


I’m glad someone else feels the same way I do. My late cousin lived in Dallas. She was active in a club (I think it was EWsomething, executive women …). They worked the Byron Nelson tournament each year as volunteers. Phil and his (then) girlfriend were quite rude to Kaki and others. He was young and self-entitled before he had won anything.

I was a Suns fan when Steve Nash played for them and decided to get re-invested after the bubble run last season. Yesterday was a strange, fun feeling watching Phoenix win a playoff game.

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