My realistic pick for final portal addition

… is Tyree Appleby

Excellent FT and 3PT %
Decent ball-handler
5th year guy - SEC experience
Opportunity to come home and play for dream school with NCAAT champ potential
Along with Ford, provide backup guard depth for Devo, ABlack and Nick Jr


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Not a bad pick.

What about Nigel Pack? You need a shooter, he’s available.

I’m guessing our two perimeter 5-stars, Nick Jr and ABlack (both likely starters), are scaring away portal guards at the top of the list (Pack, Shannon, etc) … but there are still good choices like Appleby who would be comfortable in a 6th Man role for a championship caliber team IMO.


You never say with absolute certainty that Muss is done, but I think Graham is probably it. We’ll see.


I think Tyree burned a bridge with Muss last time he was in the portal.


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