My RB worry....

Is the young backs picking up pass blocking. All 4 of the youngsters can run with the ball but picking up blitzes and pass blocking is something that has to be learned through experience.

We have talent at RB but they are young.

I’m thinking that RW III can help the young players with his coaching. I’m so glad he decided to retire. Great young man.

I’m not as worried about it as I would’ve been, had not the same thing happened last year. (Different circumstances, but experience level the same)

RW3 had a magnificent year and Whaley was a nice compliment to him.

I expect Whaley, to make that same leap, because he is the most naturally talented RB of the group, including RW3 who was very good but more of a master of his craft.

I am glad that M Williams came in early, had he not, I would be worried. But that extra time in the program puts him at an advantage for the season.

I think all will be fine with the RBs

My worry however will be the safeties. Won’t believe they are any better until I see it with my own eyes.

Pass blocking can be tricky. I think the good thing is that they have worked against the 3-4 every day. That will help the backs understand where blitzes might originate. That will be the case again in August. Going to a 3-4 is a good thing for the backs in pass protection.

I’d expect Devwah to be much improved in year 2. He was already making big strides toward the end of last year. Maleek getting here early was huge. Chase is probably more of a situational guy anyway, but will definitely be that until he proves he can handle pass pro.

Jimmy do you think we will see more of Hayden Johnson in the backfield now for pass protection purposes?

Not Jimmy, but both Kendrick Jackson and Hayden Johnson are good pass protectors. Both had a veteran look about them in spring drills. Jackson is very good. It’s a luxury to have two proven fullbacks and that’s the reason Hayden got some work at tight end. H-backs and tight ends – along with fullbacks – have to be good with protections. Johnson has great hands. So he can protect and also sneak out of the backfield to be a very good target for Austin Allen.

What about TJ Hammonds???!!

What about him? He’s a good player. He’ll have to learn pass protections, too. He spent most of his time at wide receiver this spring. So he didn’t get much of that type of preparation. He will get some carries at running back, perhaps as many as 10. He has to learn pass protections just like the rest of the youngsters. He did get that work last fall when he was working with the backs.

Bret was asked about T.J. during the SEC coaches teleconference Monday and I thought his response was interesting.

He didn’t rule out T.J. playing more running back as a result of Rawleigh’s injury, but said the staff likes him at WR and would prefer to keep him there after seeing the growth he made during spring ball. He might still pop in there and get a few carries here or there each game, but I think they view him as more of a WR at this point. Obviously the Percy Harvin comp is the one that comes to mind with T.J.

As far as Hayden, like Clay said, I think he and Kendrick are both more than capable as pass blockers.

Easy for BB to say in May. I see TJ Hammonds as the backup RB. I’m thinking TJ sees himself as that too! Be interesting.

Perhaps. I’ll be interested to see how quickly Chase Hayden can contribute. I don’t know that T.J. is the type of player they’d regularly give more than 6-8 carries a game, at least at this point in his career. Chase is supposedly similar to T.J. in terms of speed, quickness and big-play ability, so if he comes in and can adequately provide that, it frees up T.J. to be more versatile.

How they use T.J. will be really interesting, because I think he may be one of the 2 most explosive players on the offense, with Jordan Jones being the other. Brandon Martin will make big plays because of his combination of size and athleticism, Jared Cornelius has proven he can make big plays and Devwah will have his share of big runs, but T.J. and Jordan are on a different level, I think.

Indeed, very interesting, ha! Then again, with Alex Collins being the exception, BB very reluctant to give Freshmen meaningful carries, especially if they didn’t enroll early and participate in spring practice. So down to Malleek and TJ. Devwah better stay healthy.

If they can deliver, they’ll play. Budda delivered. Whaley delivered. TJ didn’t.

Chase “Jitterbug” Hayden returning kicks/Punts and a occasional Jet-sweep would be something to behold with vision’s of *Joe Adams *dancing in my head.

The Offensive Line is more important than RB. I am concerned about RB but we have some options and can swing TJ Hammonds back there if injuries happen.

The Oline could allow us to see the full potential of Austin Allen to read the defense, and use his accuracy to get the ball into the hands of some great talent at receiver. We may have the best QB in the SEC. AA needs extra time in the pocket to go through progressions and find the inexperienced receivers. AA seldom had time to go through his progressions last year. With AA and then the RB losses, we may pass more this year and that may be why TJ Hammonds is going to stay at receiver?

Nate wrote about T.J.'s role today: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … espite-ba/”></LINK_TEXT>

I think we take advantage of AA’s talent this year if the Oline improves, so we should pass more after RWIII retired.