My Quick Points on Our Team…

  1. We are a tough, gritty team that scraps. I am proud of their effort.
  2. NSJ must still be hurt to not get any minutes last night? That 2nd half is when you insert him and see if he can help your offense and provide a spark. Plus the heavy minutes on other guards affects us down the stretch of these close games. Im not expecting anything from NSJ rest of this year,which is a shame given all the talent there and not being able to play. I feel for him bc I think he wants it.
  3. Ricky C isn’t a three point shooter! Get downhill in the lane or get your points in mid range!
  4. Jordan Walsh is coming on. He needs to shoot more, especially those open 3’s and baseline shots. Great cuts last night and got hosed on the foul on dunk attempt. Great hustle.
  5. I don’t see an Elite 8 team in this bunch. The comments I’ve read the last few weeks about the run we are about to make…I’ll be happy with a NCAAT bid at this point. I don’t think we have the offense to make a tournament run.

Agree on all your points. Every one. I have mentioned to my friends that this years team (minus NSJ and TB) is tough, but just not fun to watch even when winning, because the offense is afflicted with poor shooters, we foul too much, and can’t shoot free throws well. Muss is a fine coach and would probably agree. If it’s frustrating to us, he must be pilling his hair out.

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couldn’t agree more. This year proves the point that a roster is put together assuming certain things. Once flow of that is broken, it is often tough to put pieces together during a season consistently. We still have some chances, but we need to right the ship quickly.

Muss is a great coach, but this year has caused him to second-guess himself a few times during games.


It pains me to watch supposedly not as gifted teams torch us with threes. I wonder when they were evaluating did they factor in what percentages our team would shoot minus dunks

I hope I’m wrong, but this team simply is what it is. It’s probably too late for it to be anything else. We all got excited about the KY win, but KY is not a good team. These last two games have shown we are what we are. I’m usually an optimist, but also a realist…

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