My private messages won’t send.

They just sit in my outbox. Any ideas?

Reason I ask is that I went through the same thing. I sent some messages, but they looked like they were stuck my outbox, NOT a sent folder (like most email systems). To add to that, I wasn’t getting any responses. So I did a test with Matt: sent him a PM (again, looked like it was stuck in my outbox), then shot him an email. Sure enough, he DID receive my PM and responded to it.

If you’d like to give it one more shot, shoot me a message; I’ll keep a close eye on my inbox for it.

Nope, they got sent, but the recipients have not read them.

When the recipient opens the pm, then the message is moved to your sent messages folder.

That explains a lot.

Now I just have to figure out if most folks simply AREN’T seeing/reading their PMs … or if they’re just ignoring me! :lol:

One of the problems is that if you are using a mobile device to read the boards, you often are unaware of the PMs. If you use a PC or a tablet (in landscape view) you will see the notification. If you use a phone or a tablet in portrait view, you will often not realize that you even have a message waiting.

Ok thanks.