My preferences as an eight or nine seed

I do not want to see Memphis or as I will always call them Memphis State in an 89 game. I think playing Iowa would be a lot of fun. They don’t play a lot of defense and it would be pretty entertaining. Could be fun to play in ACC team.

If we could possibly get past that first round and get in against the one scene… I don’t mind playing Purdue. Houston would be a fun one. Obviously Bama won’t be in our bracket. I don’t want to go out west.

Think we will get Illinois in our first game.

Fun for Houston

I hope we get ucla, I guess that’s unlikely. I wouldn’t mind facing Penny. I hope they win today let em get the big head. Memphis state people would love to see them just lay a huge egg in the first round vs Arkansas I’m sure. Pennys not a great coach. They know it

Only way we might escape a Big Ten matchup is if Iliinois or Iowa are both 8 seeds with us. And Penn State is another Big Ten team we might get.

Current matchups in some recent brackets:

Lunardi: Illinois
Palm: Iowa
Fox Sports: Tiger High
SB Nation: Northwestern
USA Today: Penn State
Bracketville: Maryland Iowa Penn State

That’s a whole lot of B1G possibilities. And one Tiger High.

They will always be Tiger High to me.

I’m no good at predicting the seeds and matchups. Some of you guys nailed it.

I’m no fan of Penny or Memphis. It goes back to when Nolan was our coach. However, Penny’s success this year seems to because of a change of recruiting priorties. The transfer pg from SMU makes his team go. Those 5 stars he tried burned him!