My prediction/hope for tomorrow's game

So, everybody knows that - in general - we’d like to control the game and clock with our running game. This includes A&M and their defensive coaches.

I fully expect them to jam the box and figure that we’ll try to run it anyway. IMO, hitting them with a couple of early play-action passes ON FIRST DOWN might pay off in a big way.

And if it does, then our running game will open up as they scramble to keep from getting burned again by the pass.

We’ll have them on roller skates.



I thought Kendal used the pass effectively when he had KJ against A&M last year. When A&M went man with an extra man in box, KJ burned them. However, this is a different DC.

Teams scout each other and the further along in the year, the less suprise is there.

It’s like pass coverage, or a RB and a safety in the open field; if you can manage to “zig” when the defense is expecting you to “zag”, you’re gonna be ahead of the game.

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Throwing on 1st down is very key for this offense bc defenses are expecting to run,we have been VERY effective in the pass game on 1st down this yr.I hope we have a 60/40 split of run/pass on 1st down tomorrow.


I just want to see a lot of running running the ball in the 4th quarter as we put the game away with our 17 point lead.

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I hope we convert that running play on 4th and nine.

Yep I totally agree with that we get that big of lead time just to run it down their throat and run the clock

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My prediction is to score more points than aTm!

I think that the Hogs will play a clean game against the Aggies. Texas A&M will complete a few long passes against the Hog secondary but it will not be enough to keep up with the Hogs balanced attack. I believe that the Hogs win 31-21.

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