My prediction for rest of year

Unless an absolute miracle happens and we win 2 to 3 more games this year, Missouri will be CCM last as UA coach. I do like saying we should fire a coach that is their life, but it is painfully obvious that this team is bad. We should have beaten Portland State by 2 to 3 touchdowns and we should have beaten Colorado State a lot easier than we did. Ole Miss I understand the loss there but the rest of the season has been a disaster waiting to which is what happened Saturday evening. I hope that I am wrong about this coach and team but unfortunately something tells me I am not. The locker room scene after the CSU looked like a high school atmosphere which unfortunately is what CCM is a glorified high school coach. I hope that this coaching staff and players prove me wrong!

I think if CCM wins three more games, he keeps his job. That would be +3 from
last year. Maybe if he wins two more. That’s +2. Problem is if he breaks Bielema’s
0 for conference record and starts out 0-16.