My postgame thoughts

I’m a little delayed in getting these posted due to the quick turnaround between the game and magazine deadline, but I think time to sleep on it helped me process my thoughts.


Very nice recap Matt . Odom has his work cut out for him as secondary will be targeted by next three teams and injuries and number of plays due to depth likely continue to weigh on this unit. Offense is going to have to stay on field longer to give defense a rest.

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The crowd did get very loud during the punt return TD. Additionally at some point in the fourth quarter the second most interesting thing on the video boards all night was shown: The opponents have had nine false start penalties in the first three games.


I like the positive reinforcement and encouragement. How about free food/beer for every TD after a drive stopped after opponents’ penalties? That would get the fans salivating (:bell:).

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I looked that up last night. There have been 10 false starts and three delay of game penalties by the visitors in Fayetteville this year.

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Just a random but valid thought here. Great article on T. Carter contributing vocally on the defensive
side of the ball. He’s making the best of an original bad situation and helping the team however and whenever he can. Now that is a true team player!
I think it would be fantastic if J. Catalon could mirror that same type of enthusiasm and help sub-teach
our secondary how to tackle. I understand totally his emotional let down and it CAN be devastating
OR if you’re not a quitter in life when that bronco bucks a cowboy off that saddle he dusts his britches
and saddles up again 'cause it ain’t over until he says so. J,C. is such a gifted talent that such an injury
shouldn’t sideline his entire career. GHG!!!
Plus who knows, it may help to be a mental antidote.

This offense does have a mental toughness that responds vigorously after we get a turnover or the other team gets a score. They just seem to know they can do it and they execute accordingly.

Catalon did that last year. Maybe he’ll return to help soon. I can’t imagine how devastating this was to him.

Carter will be back. Catalon’s career is probably at a crossroads physically after what was described as “reconstructive” shoulder surgery. No one is saying, or likely to say for public consumption, how long he will be out, if he can play again, and perhaps most importantly, should he play again.

The young man has a lot to think about, and I don’t have any problem with him taking his time doing it. I’m sure if and when he returns to the program, he’ll be greeted with open arms, whether he ever plays again or not.

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