My Pie in the Sky head coach list

In order, with a couple of “only ifs”:

  1. Bill Self “without a show cause”
  2. Mark Few
  3. “A healthy” Thad Matta
  4. Chris Beard
  5. Gregg Marshall

I’d be OK with Musselman, if hired.

Muss is #3 on your list for me in Tie with Beard. Motta walks like me. Marshall I like but can’t put him ahead of others. TOSU coaches just have a smell about them :stuck_out_tongue:

If we’re going pie in the sky, let’s make it key lime:

Billy Donovan
Jay Wright
Tom Izzo
Mark Few
Dick Bennett

Top three have NCs, Few and Bennett have FFs. UVa just executes so well. They had to, to withstand that onslaught from Carsen Edwards. Five turnovers in 45 minutes in the Elite Eight is unreal. Won 33 games against a really tough schedule, losing to Duke twice and FSU once.

I think Self is toast, BTW. Show cause is coming. Eventually, because the NCAA never moves fast, but it’s coming.

Donovan is a terrific college BBall coach. I just haven’t forgiven him for chastising us for letting Pelphrey go. Then a year or 3 later, he accepts the NBA job, takes one assistant with him, and leaves Pelphrey behind.

  1. mark few
  2. gregg marshall

Don’t like Donovan.
Self’s in hot water.

Earlier today I was firmly against Musselman, I posted as much, and posted my concerns, but I’ve reading more on him and looked up some games and watched a little bit of their playstyle and the more I read read and learn about him, the more he’s warming up on me and I’m starting to like the fit. I think his approach to recruiting would work at Arkansas, we’re never going to be a school that gets a ton of 5-star and 4-stars, he’s arguably one of the best in the nation at recruiting transfers, that may be our niche and that works here.

My current top 5 list would be.

  1. Sampson (Still including him until paperwork is signed)
  2. Musselman
  3. Buzz (Still including him until paperwork is signed)
  4. Thad Matta (if healthy like you mentioned)
  5. Dawkins (Skeptical on this one, but impressed me in that Duke game, and Coach K raves about him)

I haven’t really researched anyone else. I know I don’t like Greg Marshall who’s name been floating around. The thing with his wife, and stuff that’s just been leaking out from his players about him, I just don’t think it’s a good fit here although he’s a good coach.

As far as Chris Beard, that would be a home run, but I’m super super skeptical if that’s even realistic. Has a coach ever went to the final 4 at a school in a P5 conference, then went to another school that’s in an inferior conference?

Inferior conference? Are you talking about the SEC?

Yea, SEC is getting better, much better actually, however Big 12 has been considered one of the best basketball conferences for a while, it’s going to take more than 1 or 2 good years from SEC to over take them.